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Quotes by Jeanne Foucault (Earth-616)

Quote1 I'd solved the mysteries of the electromagnetic spectrum before I bought my first training bra. Mastered robotics by the time I got my learner's permit. But people...they're like the last foreign language I can't understand. Quote2
--Jeanne Foucault (Earth-616)
Quote1 Remember why we were recruited to Avengers Academy? Not because we were the best, or the most heroic. Quite the opposite. Because we were the most at risk of becoming criminals. Say hello to the bad guy. Quote2
--Jeanne Foucault (Earth-616)
Quote1 Maybe we aren't ready. Maybe the professors were right...We definitely have the power. And the ability. But watching them all...I'm learning...That power and ability can only get you so far. We're outside the schools now. The world is a big place. The problem s are bigger than any one of us. We've all forgotten our training in the heat of a real battle. The world...The danger...Is bigger than all of us. And if we don't start working together...It's going to swallow us up. Quote2
--Jeanne Foucault (Earth-616)
Quote1 Anything you can do, I can do better. Quote2
--Jeanne Foucault (Earth-616)

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