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Quote1.png I told you when you hired me-- These things-- These things rarely end well. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 1
Quote1.png This isn't the Wasp we're talking about -- This isn't Spider-Woman -- This is Captain F*%#!*g America. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 2
Quote1.png You shoot that gun at me -- I will pull that bullet out of my ruined four-hundred-dollar leather jacket... And I will shove it up your a$$ with my pinky finger. And which one of us do you think that will hurt more? Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 5
Quote1.png So, I said to him, I said: Well, if that's true, shouldn't you shoot the webs out of your a$$? Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 6
Quote1.png Rick -- your wife hired me to find you. Remember your wife? She is worried sick about you. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 8
Quote1.png Go home to your wife, and come out of the closet. She loves you and you're hurting her. She deserves better than what you're doing to her. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 9
Quote1.png It's like I tripped and fell into 1978. God, I'm such a f%*#^!g snob when I'm -- talking... to myself. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 11
Quote1.png The f*%k -- You f*%#^d me and threw me in jail? Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 12
Quote1.png I don't pretend to be an expert in religion or even "organized religion" -- but it seems to me that the entire purpose of a belief system like this -- is to give people something so they can be the best kind of person they can figure out how to be. That's all. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 13
Quote1.png Have you ever been kicked in the nuts by a super hero? Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 14
Quote1.png The only thing that really irritates me about this gig is that any a$$hole with two eyes can see that he really is Daredevil -- and that I'm just here for show. But he hasn't confided in me. He knows I know, but he just won't come out and tell me. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 18
Quote1.png In my mind I can't tell the difference between what he made me do or say and what I do or say on my own. The only reason I know I wasn't in love with him is that I say to myself: How could I be? I hate him. Quote2.png
Alias Vol 1 25
Quote1.png Sorry, but one of the most famous men in the city is really this totally evil crazy serial killer? And you know it. Um, what's the point of even having a paper if you can't tell everyone that? Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 4
Quote1.png This witch destroyed my life. You get me?! Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 6
Quote1.png Who wants to live like this every day? Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 7
Quote1.png This is a really big brick... Then how am I going to shove it up your ass? Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 8
Quote1.png Why won't anyone help me find Luke? All I care about is Luke! Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 9
Quote1.png After what those kids have been through...?...I don't think there's anything they can't handle. Quote2.png
Young Avengers Special Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Okay, you convinced me... I'll marry your dad. But you owe me huge. Quote2.png
The Pulse Vol 1 14
Quote1.png These words. They're just words. I'm dedicating my life to you and-- and I'm saying someone else's words. That's nuts. I want you to know, I truly believe that together we are so much better than we are apart. And not in that creepy way. Really, I'm inspired by you. I don't get lost in my own head like I used to. This world is a scary place. You being an Avenger-- it's so... scary. Every day there's some idiot in our face trying to ruin it. And ever since we got together, I just haven't cared. And no goon attacked us at our wedding, so I'm going to take that as a good sign. And even if the worst happens... It's a weird feeling-- but I know for a fact we can deal with it. Look at that kid over there. Look at her. We made her. And I love watching you be a father. So much so that I'd wear this big poofed-out dress. I just wanted to let you know in my words. This is why I said yes to all this crazy. That's why. Quote2.png
New Avengers Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Yes, the war's over. And you lost! And still I went along with you. But you know what, Luke? You gave it a shot and -- and it didn't work! We're not safe! We never were. Quote2.png
New Avengers Vol 1 38
Quote1.png The baby, Luke. They took our baby! Jarvis. The Jarvis that was here. It was one of them!! One of the Skrulls! And -- and I gave him the baby! And now -- and now... Quote2.png
New Avengers Vol 1 47
Quote1.png You don't @#$^ with Luke Cage. Quote2.png
New Avengers Vol 1 59
Quote1.png It's -- it's me...Jessica! Get the Avengers over here! Get them -- get them to -- Avengers Assemble! Quote2.png
New Avengers Vol 2 8
Quote1.png Sorry to hear you had such a rough day. But just to be clear... you and Danny are not getting back together, right? Quote2.png
Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 3 1
Quote1.png Tony? Yeah, so I was wrong. It turns out he is a regular kid. Completely one hundred percent ordinary. Quote2.png
Civil War II: Choosing Sides Vol 1 6
Quote1.png I'll fix it, mom. I promise I'll fix all of it. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 2
Quote1.png Carol Goddamn Danvers. Captain Goddamn Marvel. And I get to watch. Because what difference does it make? Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 5
Quote1.png Come on... that has to be enough. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 6
Quote1.png Unfortunately murder of an asshat is still frowned upon. Quote2.png
Hawkeye Vol 5 5
Quote1.png Kate, why do you have like... four sidekicks? It's way, way too many. Quote2.png
Hawkeye Vol 5 6
Quote1.png I am very good at finding people. Is there someone else I can help you find? Maybe the person that did that to your hair? Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 9
Quote1.png Well, I found out who put the contract out on you. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 10
Quote1.png I got punched in the eye for that... I looked. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 11
Quote1.png Oh, good, Danny's okay! Oh, great, he just totaled what was left of my car. Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 5 4
Quote1.png I like how you still try to plan the day even though we do what we do and deal with all that we deal with and our day never goes as planned. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 12
Quote1.png I know I said I'd never call in this particular favor, and I really meant it when I said so... but I thought this -- this is crazypants. And when I think crazypants... I think Deadpool. Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 5 6
Quote1.png Oh, we're tossing labels around? Yes, I tried to think outside the box to get an edge on this, but buddy, I'm not taking an ounce of @#$@ from you because I have no idea who the Hell you are! You dress like the Devil and, yes, you seem so @#$@ familiar, but you are not telling me what's nuts! We were just talking about this before the Punisher tried to whack you... Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 5 8
Quote1.png You babbled on for so long I got over my pathological fear of you. Stop beating around the bush like a dungeon master trying to ask me to prom, Killgrave, and ask me what you came here to ask me. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 15
Quote1.png I think you have to go! Quote2.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 17
Quote1.png This whole situation has setup written all over it. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 1
Quote1.png All four victims came into contact with Dia or Jared. Two of us tried but failed to help Dia, and we're still alive. The two that had direct confrontations with Jared... are dead. That seems hard to ignore. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 2
Quote1.png So here's a thing I'm going to say, and it's cliché as Hell, but it's a cliché for a reason... those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There's a good chance you'll just become him all over again anyway. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Life is an illusion. Truth is a lie. I'll never be free. I'll never know what's real. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Last thing I want to do is fight him... but the only thing worse than fighting him is letting him kill me... he'd never forgive himself. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Life is a lie. And I just have to... figure out how to live with that. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 3
Quote1.png "Feminist super hero icon"-- --have you met me? Quote2.png
Women of Marvel Vol 3 1
Quote1.png You shoot that gun at me--I will pull that bullet out of my ruined four hundred dollar leather jacket...and I will shove it up your ass with my pinky finger. And which one of us do you think that will hurt more? Quote2.png
Jessica Jones (Earth-616)
Quote1.png God didn't do this. The devil did. And I'm going to find him. Quote2.png
Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 2
Scott Lang (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Avengers 2004 Vol 1 1 0001.gif
Scott Lang
Would you like to go out on a date?
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
F*ck! A fancy date?
Conversation Tail.png
Scott Lang (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Avengers 2004 Vol 1 1 0001.gif
Scott Lang
Yes. A fancy date.
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
Better be damn fancy. You got a lot riding on it.
Conversation Tail.png
Alias Vol 1 21
Luke Cage (Earth-616).jpg
Luke Cage
You have been called.
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
The call is given.
Conversation Tail.png
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The List - Daredevil Vol 1 1 0001.png
But Captain America and I are hardly seeing eye to eye --
Conversation Tail.png
Luke Cage (Earth-616).jpg
Luke Cage
This ain't his Avengers, this is my Avengers. ... Try it out. Don't say no.
Conversation Tail.png
New Avengers Vol 2 16
Norman Osborn (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 23 001.jpg
Norman Osborn
Jessica have you been?
Conversation Tail.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 4 Dekal Variant Textless.jpg
Jessica Jones
Better than you.
Conversation Tail.png
Norman Osborn (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 23 001.jpg
Norman Osborn
How is motherhood treating you?
Conversation Tail.png
Jessica Jones Vol 2 4 Dekal Variant Textless.jpg
Jessica Jones
Yeah, that's what I want to do: Talk to you about my kid.
Conversation Tail.png
Norman Osborn (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 23 001.jpg
Norman Osborn
You know I'm going to kill that baby.
Conversation Tail.png
New Avengers Vol 2 16.1
Steven Rogers (Earth-616).jpg
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
You found the Scarlet Witch, when we couldn't. You stopped Dr. Doom, when we couldn't. You somehow managed to diffuse our conflict with the X-Men--
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
For the moment.
Conversation Tail.png
Steven Rogers (Earth-616).jpg
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
So, we've asked you here to let you know that from this day forward... whether Young Avengers or not... in our eyes, you are and always will be Avengers!
Conversation Tail.png
Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1 9

Jessica Jones
So what happened to Adam?
Conversation Tail.png
Luke Cage (Earth-616).jpg
Luke Cage
He... I...
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
Did you do your "I-don't-break" speech?
Conversation Tail.png
Luke Cage (Earth-616).jpg
Luke Cage
... Part of it.
Conversation Tail.png

Jessica Jones
I love that one.
Conversation Tail.png
Mighty Avengers Vol 2 6

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