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Quote1.png Chopin's Funeral March! That's my symbol of death... the sign of doom that awaits Captain America and Bucky when I make my next move! Quote2.png
Captain America Comics Vol 1 7
Quote1.png No one could ever defeat me easily! And yet, I can remember another time -- a day long past -- when I had no skill -- no power -- nothing --! Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 66
Quote1.png The Cube! I can't lose it now! It must be mine! It's my destiny! I'm the Red Skull -- the master of the world! I must rule -- rule! Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 81
Quote1.png Now, let the Sleeper awake! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 101
Quote1.png Freedom is only for the one who rules! All others must be slaves! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 119
Quote1.png And now a toast ... to unending conquest! Quote2.png
Astonishing Tales Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Silence swine, and all will be made clear! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 147
Quote1.png HYDRA has always been but a decoy ... buying time for the birth of the Fourth Reich! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 148
Quote1.png Guten Tag! I knew you would come here American Swine! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 184
Quote1.png ... The Falcon is a creation of the Red Skull! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 185
Quote1.png It is the fist that conquers, not worthless "inner peace"! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 74
Quote1.png You call him Falcon -- But to me he looks more like a -- Chicken! Slave show them! Show them all what a chicken you are! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 186
Quote1.png Wherever there was injustice, tyranny, ruthlessness, the Red Skull was there leading the attack on the weak and helpless! Quote2.png
Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3
Quote1.png How fleeting are the years! How immovable is the hatred! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 210
Quote1.png I damn you Captain America for what you are! We are deadly opposites you and I... Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 227
Quote1.png Let fops and dandies bridle at the smell of a true man! Quote2.png
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 16
Quote1.png The hour of destiny approaches! Quote2.png
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 17
Quote1.png Eisel! I am the god of madness! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 297
Quote1.png We will pass the boundaries of life with our souls entwined--and grapple for all eternity! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 298
Quote1.png Your loved ones are all dead Captain--burned in the smoking rubble of Skull-House! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 299
Quote1.png I believe America to be a weak, morally bankrupt country whose underpinning is being eaten away. It is my goal to speed up that process. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 378
Quote1.png Allow me to introduce myself, Herr Kapitan. My name is der Rote Schadel... Quote2.png
Adventures of Captain America Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Crossbones, I have decided to let you rejoin my Skeleton Crew on a probationary basis. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 409
Quote1.png Always one step ahead of you. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 420
Quote1.png Off me you fool! The Cube is mine! -- MINE! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 1 448
Quote1.png I shine their shoes and dream of bullets. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 3 14
Quote1.png I have internalized the power of the Cosmic Cube... Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 3 15
Quote1.png Curse you, Rogers! Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 3 16
Quote1.png None are left to hinder my plans now, none remain to rescue you. You are mine to control, 'Douglock.' And through you -- through the unstoppable power of your extra-terrestrial techno-virus -- the world will finally bow to the RED SKULL! Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 91
Quote1.png Bring me food, drink, and your daughter peasant--I have victories to plan. Quote2.png
Captain America - Nick Fury The Otherworld War Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Rogers, care to join me in a glass of Sherry? Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 3 46
Quote1.png I have a new dream. A new vision. Freedom must feel fear. And fear leads to control. I was wrong about this country. This wonderful "United" States of America. It has all the resources already in place. It has the right attitudes laced within. They just need to be exploited. To become the perfect nation -- America just need a little push in the right direction. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 3 69
Quote1.png Everything is going according to plan. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 4 29
Quote1.png Now. Where were we? Ah, yes. The killing blow. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 4 32
Quote1.png I'm the man you've been waiting for your entire pathetic waste of a life, Max. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 5 18
Quote1.png That will be all I need, Von Doom... to ensure this civil war is just the beginning of my enemy's suffering. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 5 23
Quote1.png His name means nothing...not anymore. Quote2.png
Captain America Vol 5 30
Quote1.png You could never have pulled that trigger, we both know that, boy...and now it's over. Time for a new morning in America. Quote2.png
Captain America: Reborn Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Show me how you kill them. Quote2.png
Red Skull Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Heil Hitler. Quote2.png
Red Skull Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Allow me to introduce myself, Herr Kapitän. My name is der Rote Schädel... Quote2.png
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3 001.jpg
Red Skull
And how is our newest recruit today? Show me your loyalty, Captain America!
Conversation Tail.png
Steven Rogers (Earth-616).jpg
Captain America
Heil, Red Skull!
Conversation Tail.png
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3 001.jpg
Red Skull
Good! Good! You learn your lessons well!
Conversation Tail.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 67
Marvels Project Vol 1 5 Parel Variant Textless.jpg
Red Skull
Attention, helpless mankind! What I have done to your city is but a sample of what the Red Skull can accomplish--with the help of my new partner-in-evil--the once-heroic Captain America!! Speak, you star-spangled swine!! Speak-- so that all may see that Captain America has finally betrayed those who have trusted him! Who is the master now?? Speak!!
Conversation Tail.png
Steven Rogers (Earth-616).jpg
Captain America
I serve--only--the Red Skull!
Conversation Tail.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 90
Eric Gruning (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 4 15 001.png
But, was that not why we lost World War II – because we underestimated the skill – and the courage of free men?
Conversation Tail.png
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 104 001.jpg
Red Skull
No! It was because the Fuhrer did not listen to me!
Conversation Tail.png
Captain America Vol 1 104
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3 001.jpg
Johann Schmidt
You've known me longer than anyone. So tell me. Someone cuts me, what am I gonna do to him?
Conversation Tail.png
No Image Male.jpgDieter Lehmann
You're not holding the knife now, Johann.
Conversation Tail.png
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3 001.jpg
Johann Schmidt
Relax. We're in this together.
Conversation Tail.png
No Image Male.jpgDieter Lehmann
What are you talking about?
Conversation Tail.png
Johann Shmidt (Earth-616) from Fireside Book Series Vol 1 3 001.jpg
Johann Schmidt
What do you think? We're going to kill Hitler.
Conversation Tail.png
Red Skull Vol 1 4

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