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Quotes by Jonathan Storm (Earth-135263)

Quote1 The Smurfs got big Quote2
--Jonathan Storm (Earth-135263)

"Here fishy fishy fishy, come and get the noms noms"

"I must be some kind of magnet to aliens"


"Your powers are lame"


"Don't ask, you will just get more confused"

"So this is the past? Weak. There's no cars, no roads, and by the way your mp3 player is stink i cant get it to play any music"

"Oh dude the statue got really ugly"

"Hey guys, how is going?"

"YES, we beat up an old man"

"Let's go save some people in a really really cool ways"

"That's it, I'm moving to japan, they love me in japan"

"Sayonara, i'm gonna pack"

"REED, which way is tokyo?"

"Ah, told you it wasn't me"

"Somebody owe me an apology, and a cars and maybe a new jacket and possibly a motorcycle"

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