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Quote1.png He has been marked. He dies. As shall many others. Quote2.png
Spider-Man Vol 1 55
Quote1.png We're not the same, Louise. Don't ever say that. You have no idea who I am. What I am. Quote2.png
Spider-Man: The Lost Years Vol 1 2
Quote1.png We were born to misery-- Don't you realize that? The only peace we can ever know-- --is the peace of the grave! Quote2.png
Spider-Man: Redemption Vol 1 1
Quote1.png But those feelings... so vague, so unfathomable... didn't nurture me as they did you-- they tore me apart! Quote2.png
Spider-Man: Redemption Vol 1 2
Quote1.png He already has become me. In his heart of hearts, he always was. And I...I was him. But it's over now, Ben. At long last--it's over. Quote2.png
Spider-Man: Redemption Vol 1 3
Quote1.png My name is Kaine. I never run from anything. Tonight I make an exception. Quote2.png
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 631
Quote1.png I'm doing something very very stupid... don't screw up my hero moment, Parker. Quote2.png
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 636
Quote1.png You don’t get it, do you? I used a move he came up with. A suit he built. In a moment he provided. I just struck down a monster at its weakest. He healed millions in their time of greatest need. It was the Spider-Man who won the day. And there is only one like him. Quote2.png
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 672
Quote1.png The scars are gone. The degeneration is gone. But for the first time in my life... I'm not dying. For the first time in my life, I realize I don't have to be the man I see in the mirror. I may not be able to forget my past... But I can be someone better. For the first time in my life... I'm alive. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1
Quote1.png I... am... not... SPIDER-MAN! Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 2
Quote1.png The Assassins Guild. But they're not coming just for Meland anymore... They'll be coming for me. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 3
Quote1.png This... this is who I am. A killer. A murderer. My body may be healed, my mined may be clear... But the blood on my hands will never come off, no matter what I do. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 4
Quote1.png I can talk to spiders. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 5
Quote1.png My name is Kaine. They're calling me Scarlet Spider now. Another man's name... a better man. But I'm trying. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 6
Quote1.png This is my element. This I understand. Straightforward. Black and white. There's no mystery here. They try to kill me... And I do worse to them. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 7
Quote1.png I'm going to kill Peter Parker. I'm going to find everyone who pushed me into being a better person. Who urged me to do the right thing, to be a hero. Then I'm going to kill them. Because this? This is not what I signed up for. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 9
Quote1.png Now, I've been given a second chance. I'm being shown a better path. A better way... The way of the Scarlet Spider. But no matter how much I try to be that better man, despite any newfound respect for life... That monster is still inside of me. And right now, it's telling me one thing. KILL CARNAGE! Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 11
Quote1.png How many times has he been locked up only to escape and kill again? At a certain point, it's not his fault anymore. He is what he is. He kills because we let him. Quote2.png
Minimum Carnage: Omega Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Anyone else want some Christmas spirit? Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 12
Quote1.png With great power must come great responsibility. That's one way to go. With great power also comes the ability to rain down hell on those who prey on the weak, people who couldn't fight the monsters. To stop people like me. I think that's the way I'll go. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 12.1
Quote1.png Talking werewolves. From Mexico. Here we go. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 13
Quote1.png This is what I was always meant to be. My name is Kaine. Not man, but Spider. Not one... But the Other. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 14
Quote1.png For so long, I struggled with the question of wheter I was a monster or not. I don't struggle anymore. My name is Kaine and now... Now I know I'm a monster. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 15
Quote1.png Who's next? Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 17
Quote1.png I'm no hero. I know what I am now... but you... you are a hero. Act like it. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 20
Quote1.png ... He's right. Everything he said, everything Kraven said... It's true. I fought super heroes... I killed people. For money... I even killed people I thought I loved. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 24
Quote1.png My name is Kaine. And death was the only thing I'd ever known. I am a monster, but once...once I asked myself if things could be different. If now that I wasn't dying, I could truly live. That I could find a home. Friends. Love. I have my answer. Not every story has a happy ending. Not every sin can be redeemed. This is who I am. I'm done trying to be something I'm not. I'm done trying to be a hero. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 25
Quote1.png She's a kidnapped single mother of a dying child. No matter what else is going on, that's the first, biggest concern. I'm needed, so I help. Or have you forgotten the whole "hero" thing? Quote2.png
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol 1 12
Quote1.png Good plan. I've got a better one. How about we find Black Marvel, and you guys just worry about kicking Hornet's ass?! Quote2.png
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol 1 13
Quote1.png Dammit. This girl kisses me once and suddenly I can't focus. I wonder if Ben ever has this problem. Quote2.png
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol 1 14
Quote1.png Our powers... web-shooters... all but useless up here. What does "super" strength or enhanced speed mean in zero gravity? How do we save these people from Verna? Quote2.png
Spider-Force Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Annabelle. She's beautiful. Kind. Quote2.png
Annabelle Adams (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Belladonna Boudreaux, leader of the Assassins Guild. Beautiful, smart, lethal... if she weren't screwing with my life so badly, I think I might fall for her. Quote2.png
Bella Donna Boudreaux (Earth-616)
Quote1.png The girl's got some kind of fire powers. That's popular. But you can see the self-righteousness on her face. Quote2.png
Bonita Juarez (Earth-616)
Quote1.png He believed in me-- just like his husband, Dr. Donald Meland. They pleaded for me to stay in Houston. Guilted me into it, actually. Quote2.png
Donald Meland (Earth-616)
Quote1.png The thing in the space suit... I seriously hope that's a mask. But whatever it is, it sure looks pissed. Quote2.png
Fifty-One (Earth-616)
Quote1.png She's a kid, and she's as strong as me. Quote2.png
Flower (Assassin) (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Harvest, one of the super-powered assassins that came after me in Houston. I cut off his leg with a katana. He might still be mad about it, I'm not sure. Quote2.png
Harvester (Assassin) (Earth-616)
Quote1.png I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I thought she loved me... I couldn't stop myself, I was so angry... Quote2.png
Louise Kennedy (Earth-616)
Quote1.png And there's Smithy. Him, there's no question. He hates me. He can teleport guns into his hands, so I broke his hands. And then stabbed him in the hand. Quote2.png
Smithy (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Officer Wally Layton. Like some kind of damn cheerleader, he wanted a super hero for his own town. We've faced death together. Now he's facing it because of me. He believed in me-- Quote2.png
Wally Layton (Earth-616)
Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Negative Exposure Vol 1 5 Textless.jpg
Doctor Octopus
I am Otto Octavius... known as Doctor Octopus to the great unwashed and uneducated! Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the extra poundage I carry! Spider-Man, Daredevil and even Captain America himself have sufficient reason to respect my battle process!
Conversation Tail.png
Kaine Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 397 0001.jpg
I am Kaine! My actions will speak for me!
Conversation Tail.png
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 221
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
You guys, you call yourself The Rangers... superheroes, right?
Conversation Tail.png
Drew Daniels (Earth-616) from Scarlet Spider Vol 2 8 001.jpg
Texas Twister
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Good. This one's all yours.
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 8
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
I know another idiot who talks about responsibility a lot.
Conversation Tail.png
Venom Vol 2 27 Textless.jpg
Yeah? I know a great man who does the same.
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 10
James Howlett (Earth-616).jpg
What are you, Spider-Man's evil clone?
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 17 Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Conversation Tail.png
James Howlett (Earth-616).jpg
Pfft. I got a clone, too.
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 18
Vance Astrovik (Earth-616) from New Warriors Vol 5 12 001.jpg
Warriors... Defend!
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Defend?! Is that your new battle cry?
Conversation Tail.png
Faira San Namora (Earth-616) from New Warriors Vol 5 1 cover.jpg
Water Snake
This is weakness. "Warriors, attack" or "Warriors, kill" is much stronger.
Conversation Tail.png
New Warriors Vol 5 8
Ben Reilly (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 118 0001.jpg
Scarlet Spider
I'm not the Jackal anymore, Kaine. I'm the Scarlet Spider.
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
No, Ben. I am.
Conversation Tail.png
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol 1 4
Ben Reilly (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 118 0001.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Oh, what? Mephisto made you do it? Oldest excuse in the book.
Conversation Tail.png
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol 1 24
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Otto Octavius -- the creator of this lab -- used cloning technology in an attempt to make himself immortal. Some very dangerous people used that technology to escape a prison.
Conversation Tail.png
Ashley Barton (Earth-807128) from Wolverine Vol 3 67 0002.jpg
And we're going after them.
Conversation Tail.png
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 1 Bagley Variant Textless.jpg
Scarlet Spider
Just one of them.
Conversation Tail.png
Spider-Force Vol 1 1

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