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Quotes by Kevin Connor (Earth-616)

Quote1 I'm the planetary defense system. So here's where I should be. Earth. We're gonna hang out here for a while, if that's cool. I mean -- call us when you need us. But otherwise we'll be enjoying the barbecue. Quote2
--Kevin Connor (Earth-616)
Quote1 It was the spark that started the fire -- a legend that grew in the telling. After the light. Before the war. And before the fall. They were the last days of the great idea -- an Avengers world. We were final options. We were last resorts. We were world builders and world breakers. And in the last days of life, before a season of death... we were Avengers. Quote2
--Kevin Connor (Earth-616)
Quote1 You don't know us, 'cuz we've been too busy saving the Multiverse to get press agents. But we're kinda big cosmic badasses. Quote2
--Kevin Connor (Earth-616)
Quote1 All right, Kevin, keep it together. You either fix this fast or it doesn't get fixed at all. Quote2
--Kevin Connor (Earth-616)

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