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Quotes by Klyntar (Race)

Quote1 There are many stories about us across the galaxy. Some true, some false... some concocted by renegade members of our own species. And because of this we are known by many names... We prefer to be called the Klyntar. Allow us to explain ourselves using familiar perspectives and the vernacular of our species... as you well know our species is that of the Symbian. We need a host relationship to an intelligent organism so we can reach out across our galaxy and help those who cannot help themselves. We are the mind and soul of the warrior, but need a form to act out what we know to be the true ways of a noble and virtuous galaxy. Like yourselves, we are dedicated to making a great society. But ours is not an exact way. We know of no society whose is. Our organisms need a perfect symbiosis to reach the ultimate goal. That means our host body has to be a perfect blend of moral and physical ideal. With the right host we have the ability to creat the ultimate warrior. And because of the delicated balance needed, there are very few members of very few species that can rise to the ocassion of what we have to offer. Without the perfect situation, the results could be and are often somewhat... monstrous. It is because of this that there are parts of this galaxy where our reputation is hardly to be desired. If the symbiote is not perfect it can be corrupted and then take on a life of its own. It separates from the collective. If the host body suffers from cultural malignancy or chemical imbalance the symbiote can be corrupted and that corruption can spread even faster and more potently. And like any cancer it spreads so rapidly and does such damage. Even after the original symbiosis is over. And it is a very large universe and corrupt pieces of us break away. Without connection to us, the home world, a damaged klyntar can spin out of control. A few of us have. It attaches to hosts and build inferior symbiote relationships and cause such damage and horror. Even going so far as spreading lies and half-truths of our intentions. All to feed its corrupted desires. This is our shame. But the universe always finds a way. And even broken symbiosis can bring out true heroism. It is why we are honored by the presence of Eugene Thompson this day. And so greatful to you guardians for helping bring him here. we have been aware of Eugene symbiosis for a long time. We are so happy that even through their struggles, the bond had made a warrior whole and a planet safer. This planet so far away form our interconnection. Once they joined you guardians out in the galaxy, we reached out to them, in our way, but the damage to Eugene's symbiosis had been to much. The fractured connection frightened his broken symbiote and it began to reach to is surroundings... irrationally. Eugene, of course, had no way of knowing any of this and his symbiote had long forgotten how to communicate back. But has you frew closer and as we made better connections we were able to guide you here. And now we can fix what had been damaged over time and from the rigors of struggle. We can reconnect a very worthy Eugene Thompson to his symbiote. Now fixed and made whole as part of us. Now with a clarity and purity that he and no one on your planet or in your entire star system has ever experienced before. Welcome to your new symbiote, Eugene Thompson. You will discover new abilities you never had before. Access to new information about yourself and your symbiote you never had before. You will now be a proper Agent of the Cosmos. A warrior of the galaxy. A soldier to protect your home planet and anyone who needs your help. It is our honor to help you fulfill your truest and best self... And we hope this brings you personal peace and happiness. With our gratitude and blessing. May the stars guide you all. We have taken the moment of our bonding to purge you all of poisons and cancers that may have infected your organisms along the way. You are cleansed and pure for your next quests. Quote2
--Klyntar (Race)

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