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Quotes by Lei-Kung (Earth-616)

Quote1 Defeat is a poison to him, August Personage in Jade. Allow him to lick his wounds and salve his pride. Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)
Quote1 Steel Phoenix wins! Davos is the champion! Davos is the champion! Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)
Quote1 This is an important task. For soon the dragon will be reborn from her egg...and you will protect her, untiil she needs no such aid. You will keep those foolish enough to approach her doors at bay. Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)
Quote1 But your responsibilities as Iron Fist now supercede the troubles of Daniel Rand. You must fight for K'un-Lun now. Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)
Quote1 Daniel, wait. Do you know the secret of forever? I want to tell you something my father once told me. Decapitation, asphyxiation, blunt trauma, strangulation... Any number of paths to a single result. Your heart stops beating. Don't you see? All death comes from the heart. Armor yourself... Make your body hard and keep your heart soft. If you can protect your heart, you will never die. This is the secret of forever. You may feel like an outsider now... But one day, if you earn it, you will be invited to eat the fruit of immortality. And then you will truly be among us. Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)
Quote1 Reach inside yourself and find the death that awaits you. Find it and conquer it... Before it conquers you. Quote2
--Lei-Kung (Earth-616)

Conversations with Lei-Kung (Earth-616)

Cage! CAGE! Awake you lazy outworlder!
Conversation Tail
Luke Cage (Earth-616) from Hero for Hire Vol 1 14 0001
Luke Cage
Y'know... You coulda' used an alarm clock
Conversation Tail
Power Man and Iron Fist #120

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