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Quotes by Luyu (Earth-51920)

Quote1 This world, our home, changes so quickly I cannot keep up. But you, you belong out there. With them. As a child you showed no fear. You understand that the world is changing. You can be a bridge between both worlds, and offer peace to each. Quote2
--Luyu (Earth-51920)
Quote1 Listen carefully, my son... you are not meant to right all the wrongs in this world. Seek justice in everything you do. But do not seek a fight. Violence only if it comes to you. These are not the teachings of the tribe. These are my teachings. You are your own man, Red Wolf. The world is changing quickly, you may not always understand it, but right and wrong will never change. Here... for the spirits that seek to confuse you. The world is always talking to you, Red. If you rush to fight it, you won't hear it... and if you can't hear it speak, you can't answer to it with justice. Quote2
--Luyu (Earth-51920)
Quote1 No, son. Do not fear them. Understand them. You don't need to strike them. Through understanding you have more influence than you can imagine. Quote2
--Luyu (Earth-51920)

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