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Quotes by Macho Gomez (Earth-616)

Quote1 Tell ya what ya did hombree--ya played me outta one hellua payday. Ah was the one s'posed t'punch harris' ticket. Not you so seems t'me you owe ol' Macho Gomez some money. Quote2
--Macho Gomez (Earth-616)

Conversations with Macho Gomez (Earth-616)

Macho Gomez
Any idea why she and the rest of this fleet want you so damn dead?
Conversation Tail

Rocket Raccoon
Sure. We had a long chat, tea and biscuits, did a little scrapbooking and planned a summer trip to the Jonkos. This was all while being plastered to the windshield of her ship deep in the middle of space. You know, a typical Tuesday.
Conversation Tail
Rocket Raccoon Vol 2 #3

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