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Quote1.png I pity you, Iron Man!! For though you do not even suspect my existence, you head the list of those the Mandarin has vowed to destroy! And the Mandarin never fails! Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 50
Quote1.png Others tremble before me, but you merely mock me!! Others are paralyzed with fear in my presence, but you defy me!! What manner of being are you? Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 54
Quote1.png Iron Man is the only foe ever to have defeated me in the past! And now, as I stand on the threshold of my greatest is only fitting that he...or you, his forced to helplessly witness my earth-shaking victory! For I am about to unleash...Ultimo! Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 76
Quote1.png Do I perceive the icy fingers of fear clutch your heart... just as the ice itself now tears at your armor? Quote2.png
Tales of Suspense Vol 1 86
Quote1.png Iron Man and Tony Stark are one and the same! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 9
Quote1.png Let one of my cutting karate blows add weight to my words! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 10
Quote1.png Since each of us -- alone -- has come within a hairs-breadth of victory -- by attacking together --we cannot fail! Quote2.png
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 114
Quote1.png I am all powerful! Your new Master! Quote2.png
Amazing Adventures Vol 2 4
Quote1.png Now, where are your witticisms, Avenger? Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 57
Quote1.png Surprised, Golden Imbecile? Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 58
Quote1.png Enter at the bidding of the Mandarin! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 100
Quote1.png Tonight my enemy perishes... Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 180
Quote1.png Yet again, the world is denied the benefit of Mandarin rule! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 181
Quote1.png I propose a duel, Iron Man. You against me, one on one. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 241
Quote1.png He is here. He is in China! I feel it. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 270
Quote1.png In this one I sense the presence of my oldest enemy. Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 272
Quote1.png Oh, how I weary of this! Again and again the same play. I win. Iron Man wins. I win again. Enough I say! It matters no longer who is in the armor. Death is death. And mark my words, lackey....Iron Man shall die this day! Quote2.png
Iron Man Vol 1 273
Quote1.png Reckless American... your torture has only just begun. Quote2.png
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Yes. You possess the rare gene sequence that insures survival of the Extremis transformation. As for me... I will die with the others in the great culling. Unlike you, child, I will not live to see the fruits of my labor. It is a small price to pay. Quote2.png
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 25
Quote1.png An attack? Don't disappoint me now by thinking small, Mr. Stane... I've just declared war. Quote2.png
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 510
Quote1.png Mauler. Chemistro. Your mission is to assassinate Tony Stark... Am I clear? Quote2.png
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 518
Quote1.png Of course, masters. Soon. It will happen very soon. Quote2.png
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 523
Quote1.png I am here today to ask you for your votes in having this body recognize the nation of Bagalia. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 12 1
Quote1.png To know that you are superior-- in mind, in body, in spirit. That is everything! To know that power is your birthright-- to know what untold thousands exist on this world for no reason but to serve you-- to channel their powers through your empire, be it of land or of business-- channeling it upward to fuel you, to fuel your glory! Quote2.png
Mandarin (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Enter if you dare the presence of ... The Mandarin Quote2.png
--Mandarin (Earth-616) From Iron Man #259

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