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Quotes by Manuel de la Rocha (Earth-616)

Quote1 I feel it all! Everything everyone around me feels. Tarot. You. I'm bombarded with it. Quote2
--Manuel de la Rocha (Earth-616)
Quote1 You think you're the future? You think you're our leaders? We are doomed and wretched. It is not our place to integrate with these apes. We are armageddon. We are holocaust. We will be the end of man as surely as man would be the end of us... Quote2
--Manuel de la Rocha (Earth-616)

Conversations with Manuel de la Rocha (Earth-616)

Mara... tell me. What's wrong?
Conversation Tail
Amara Aquilla (Earth-616) from X-Men The 198 Vol 1 1 0001
What isn't wrong?
Conversation Tail
New Mutants Annual #4

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