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Quote1.png I chose the name 'Marionette' when I joined the rebellion against Baron Karza to suggest that I was weak—not because I was weak! Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 16
Quote1.png Don't play dumb, Bug. We ran because Commander Rann ordered us to run. Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 51
Quote1.png ...and it's in that forlorn hope that you've turned the man I love ... the leader of the Micronauts... into a mumbling, meditating monk! Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 53
Quote1.png Freedom is the right to live as individuals, safe from physical or psychological oppression! It's the opportunity to make your own laws... not to have them imposed on you. Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 54
Quote1.png We understand, Huntarr. We have lost loved one's in this war too. But we have forged a new family... the Micronauts! Join us brother in battle! Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 55
Quote1.png Mark well my words, Karza! This blade is new. It has never before been unsheathed in battle! But today I shall baptize it, evil one, by burying it to the hilt in your unholy heart! Quote2.png
Micronauts Vol 1 58

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