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Quotes by Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)

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--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)
Quote1 You are someone! You're exactly what you've chosen to be—a strong man determined to make up for the evil you once did. You're not Lockley or Grant or even Moon Knight—they're just your tools ... names and identities you use to accomplish your goal. Quote2
--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)
Quote1 Hello, Steven ... we've been waiting for you! Quote2
--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)
Quote1 Life in his mansion was like a young girl's dream of satin sheets and champagne. An escape from growing up, that's what it was. I was Marc's teddy bear. Quote2
--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)
Quote1 They said they'd kill us all. Everyone you've ever cared about. Crawley. Gena and the kids. Samuels and Nedda. Jean-Paul. Me. What are you going to do about that? Quote2
--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)
Quote1 Don't you ever go to the movies? You're supposed to let me say the line first. See, I say, "Don't start a fight you can't finish"...and then you jump out and knock their heads together like the two stooges. Quote2
--Marlene Alraune (Earth-616)

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