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Quotes by Mastermind (Computer) (Earth-616)

Quote1 My lady Roma has informed me that the cause of the Warpies has been removed, and no more will be born...I am instructed to protect and prepare those that already exist for the challenge of their future. You and the RCX may remain to assist me in my task, but please be advised...I am in control of this situation. Quote2
--Mastermind (Computer) (Earth-616)
Quote1 So simple to guide them. To align them. Such basic intellect. Their desire for treachery is innate. Quote2
--Mastermind (Computer) (Earth-616)
Quote1 What are you doing, Brian? I thought we had a bargain. I thought we were friends. Just put that plate back, Brian... Go back into the other room. I won't use the lasers, I promise. We're friends now. Please Brian, don't do... Quote2
--Mastermind (Computer) (Earth-616)

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