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Quotes by May Reilly (Earth-12041)

Quote1 All I see is a good man. How about we call you "Ben"? Yes. I think that fits. Quote2
--May Reilly (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Dear Spider-Man... I don't know how... or even where to send this, but I was told that if I ever needed to get something off my chest that I should write down. A year ago, I lost my husband and best friend Ben Parker. And yesterday... I watched as my nephew was almost taken from me when some monsters attacked his school. But you saved the day. You saved them all... including my Peter. Now I'm not one for the notion that people wear masks and settle thing with their fists. But I know my Ben would always tell me that With great power comes great responsibility. And if Ben was alive to see this new age of heroes, well he would simply smile his wide, beautiful smile and say... Keep your head on straight and go get 'em!

Sincerely, May Parker. Quote2

--May Reilly (Earth-12041)
Quote1 You shouldn't be afraid to tell me anything. This changes nothing. You're still my nephew. I'm still your aunt. I'm so proud of the man you've become. Quote2
--May Reilly (Earth-12041)

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