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Quotes by Merlyn (Otherworld)

Quote1 What has happened. What will happen. You've seen the truth about the Ebony Blade. The toll and commitment it takes to wield it. And who that person must be. Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 The sword will be drawn. Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 All that has been lost: Go and take it back. Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 Then let us commit the final act. Let us pluck this spirit from the pool of being... Let us raise it aloft, a pulsing jewel of life and consciousness separated from its mortal shell by the merest heartbeat... Let there be a joining. Let there be life! Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 I seek your help, Sorcerer Supreme. A darkness in your time has been unleashed upon mine. Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 Things can change, in time. Even heroes Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)
Quote1 No! You must not! If you change the past -- it will destroy the future! All who live in the centuries that follow may perish! I cannot permit it! Quote2
--Merlyn (Otherworld)

Conversations with Merlyn (Otherworld)

Doctor 4
The Doctor
What do you want with me? Why did you bring me here?
Conversation Tail
Merlyn (Otherworld) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 7 001
I too was summoned here from another time.. to fight Earth's last battle. And it seems I have failed! THE ENEMY IS AT THE DOOR!
Conversation Tail
Doctor Who Monthly #60

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