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Quotes by Moira Kinross (Earth-616)

Quote1 What happens tae Charles' dream of peaceful co-existence between human mutant when there's no one left alive to dream it, Kurt? And I'm telling ye now -- Charles's dream is HERE, if thing's go wrong in Manhattan, WE'RE IT. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)
Quote1 I don't want to die like this. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)
Quote1 Well, here’s the thing, Charles... It’s not a dream if it’s real. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)
Quote1 Well, here's the thing, Charles... It's not a dream if it's real. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)
Quote1 It's okay... I have what I need now. And this... this is what you do. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)
Quote1 There's nae much time, Lass... whatever happens to me, the cure to the Legacy Virus must not be lost. Quote2
--Moira Kinross (Earth-616)

Conversations with Moira Kinross (Earth-616)

Moira MacTaggert
I've gotten used to taking care of myself, but...
Conversation Tail
Katherine Pryde (Earth-616)
...but everone needs friends, sometime, Moira.
Conversation Tail
Excalibur #73

Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Nathan, give me a chance to explain...
Conversation Tail
Nathaniel Grey (Earth-295)
Nate Grey
Explain what?! That you've been talking to Xavier?! Reporting to him?! That you're afraid of me?! That everyone on the Island is in on it with you? Or that you're now saying I'm going to die - that my own power is destroying me! I thought you said I was going to live! You betrayed me!
Conversation Tail
X-Man #12

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