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Quotes by Morlun (Earth-001)

Quote1.png You're talking to a man returned from the dead to kill Spider-Man. And I'm telling you, you're back on. Understood? Quote2.png
--Morlun (Earth-001)
Quote1.png The time has come. It is time for me to feast. Quote2.png
--Morlun (Earth-001)
Quote1.png Three times. Three times I have fought the Spider-Man of this world. He has defeated me three times. It is three times too many. He is food. Food doesn't "win." He has been lucky. That luck runs out today. Today I feed. Every second he lives is an insult to me and my family. He must be shown his place. And I will confirm my place... at the top of the food chain. Quote2.png
--Morlun (Earth-001)
Quote1.png I smell zealotry on you. Zealotry-- and delusion. Quote2.png
--Morlun (Earth-001)

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