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Quotes by Morris Sackett (Earth-616)

Quote1 Know what, Agent May? When you're right -- you're right. Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 We are... no... I am we. You are me. We are me. We are both -- together. We're together. But still me? I'm still me? I'm still -- Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 No, no, no, no, no. Pops. What the Hell did you do? Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 Oh, Pops... what did you do? Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 Spider-Man is smart as #$%&!!! Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 This wasn't just some brawl. I've been in brawls. After a game -- Hell, during. This wasn't that. This was blood, man. Everybody was out for &%#*#$% blood. And you know what? None of that #%^& had anything to do with me. Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)
Quote1 Diablo! Damn it. I'm trying to get out, not go deeper. But, I guess, this time the only way out... is through. Quote2
--Morris Sackett (Earth-616)

Conversations with Morris Sackett (Earth-616)

Morris Sackett (Earth-616) from Barnes & Noble Make Mine Marvel Sampler Vol 1 1 001
The Terrigen Cloud's going to... expand or something. In just a few days, the whole planet will be poison to the mutants. They attacked us now because they didn't think they had a choice. Unless they destroy that cloud... they leave the Earth or they die.
Conversation Tail
Champions Vol 2 1 JTC Exclusive Negative Space Variant
Ms. Marvel
You guys... who are the good guys?
Conversation Tail
IVX #4

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