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Quotes by Muneeba Khan (Earth-616)

Quote1 That's one of those video game viewers, isn't it? Quote2
--Muneeba Khan (Earth-616)
Quote1 Ach! "Understand!" He will never stand by and understand his choti Kamala putting herself in harm's way! And you will never stop her from putting herself in harm's way. Our daughter has become a hero. She won't walk away from that. There is only one solution... your father and I will come with you to outer space! Quote2
--Muneeba Khan (Earth-616)
Quote1 I said I'm not mad. You're at a difficult age. Your father and I were worried you would get involved with drugs or with friends who were bad for you. If the worst thing you do is to sneak out to help suffering people -- then I thank God for having raised a righteous child. Quote2
--Muneeba Khan (Earth-616)
Quote1 A hero is only a hero when the people are with her. Quote2
--Muneeba Khan (Earth-616)

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