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Quote1.png You know what she meant when she said it would wear off! She didn't mean that you wouldn't be able to stretch any more... You know now that elasticity has worn off, and you can stretch all right.. but you can never snap back to your original shape... Quote2.png
Adventures into Terror Vol 1 10
Quote1.png Be careful when you steal a maniac's girl friend! It might start you on a deadly journey... Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 2
Quote1.png To some people, the stroke of midnight means the beginning of a new day...but to Ebenezer Grimm it means...THE END!!! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Of all the prisons in the world the most feared and the most hated is the one you are the warden of! It sits on it cold gray slab of rock in the middle of the sea, and it's known to the world outside simply as... "Drury's Dungeon"! Quote2.png
Menace Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Some where the builders, and some where the planners. And of the latter, one man stood head and shoulders above his man whose eyes foresaw the future...Big Jim Fraser! Quote2.png
3-D Tales of the West Vol 1 1
Quote1.png ...An alien with enormous intelligence who has waited patiently for the time when Earthlings might understand him... For the time when Earthlings would be advanced enough to help him rebuild his damaged spaceship! But that time has not yet come! We are still too ignorant--too barbaric! Perhaps one day it will be otherwise, but not yet... Not yet... Quote2.png
Tales to Astonish Vol 1 11
Quote1.png ...He hadn't realized that in this vast mysterious universe, all things are possible... Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 67
Quote1.png Meanwhile, out in the vast reaches of space, remnants of the deadly plant creature float along aimlessly! Perhaps one day they will chance to reach Earth... and if they do, then will mankind learn in its final hours, the truth abut Chuck Dawson's sacrifice! Quote2.png
Strange Tales Vol 1 91
Quote1.png Never again did Henry Pym knowingly step upon an ant hill. For he knew that somewhere beneath him ... was one little insect—one small ant, to whom he owed his very life! Quote2.png
Tales to Astonish Vol 1 27
Quote1.png Awareness washes over the gathered Inhumans now... swamps them, overwhelms them in waves of tidal intensity. They sense the pattern that it was not Omega they were truly fighting but themselves-- --A race which had extended not a helping hand to the Alphas -- but a chain, instead. Quote2.png
Fantastic Four Vol 1 132
Quote1.png For countless seconds he trembles on the edge of temptation--and then. Because Satana trades on this weakness--he goes to her--and in that moment--his soul is hers! Quote2.png
Vampire Tales Vol 1 3
Quote1.png It physically represents all the countless battles, countless frustrations, countless failures from which Namor has emerged victorious, yet scarred. Just another villain. Call him what you will. Yet know: No matter what his name, he is every villain. And he shall be blindly destroyed. Quote2.png
Sub-Mariner Vol 1 72
Quote1.png Earth, 8162. Not a nice place to live... but a good place... to die! Quote2.png
Dragon's Claws Vol 1 1
Quote1.png He struggles against his infirmities. -- Forcing himself past his limits. He is a man not accustomed to failure. Quote2.png
Marvel Action Hour, Featuring Iron Man Vol 1 2
Quote1.png They can run all they want... it still won't be far enough from the terror that claws its way out of the crater. Quote2.png
Marvel Action Hour, Featuring Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1.png He looks like a young man... perhaps no different than most... Except he may be the most dangerous being on the planet. Quote2.png
X-Man Vol 1 5
Quote1.png For two minutes, there is no light in the tunnel but the Hulk's radioactive body. No sound but labored breathing and the Hulk's fists on the Abomiation's torso. And if two minutes doesn't seem like a long time, try counting it out a. Second. At. A. Time. Quote2.png
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 459
Quote1.png There's a moment when he enters a room--the tiniest sound seems to disappear. The moment passes the minute he speaks. The ragged voice lifeless and cold. The brand on his head burns bright. The eyes blaze in a dead man's face. The weapons aren't like anything they've ever seen before. He smells of earth and smoke. The clothes are tattered. But they all recognize the symbol on his chest. Quote2.png
Punisher Vol 4 1
Quote1.png He seeks to become a god... and he has used Bishop's sister, Shard, to get there. And now Bishop lies in chains... beaten... broken... and betrayed. Quote2.png
Bishop the Last X-Man Vol 1 13
Quote1.png Then there is Zuzha Yi, the long abandoned daughter of the original Puck who has no knowledge that her father was forced to -- Oh, wait. This is going too far back, isn't it? Quote2.png
Alpha Flight Vol 3 4
Quote1.png No good can come of a robot in a bra. Quote2.png
Nextwave Vol 1 6
Quote1.png Rethinking her stance of science nerds, Madeline Daniels will be dating Jordan Harrison by the end of the week. When he regains consciousness, Otto Octavius will be in a prison cell Reed Richards designed, muttering "Fifteen years old... Fifteen years old..." Over and over again. The day everything changes, one thing doesn't. In a year and a half, Jordan Harrison will be awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Miami. Because of what he did today, his nickname--After he gets his Ph.D. for his work on humboldt squid--Will be Dr. Octopus. It won't be the greatest, but Jordan'll be able to live with it Quote2.png
Sensational Spider-Man Vol 2 28
Quote1.png In the real world, people do sometimes run out of shotgun shells. Hollywood lies to you constantly. Quote2.png
Nextwave Vol 1 8
Quote1.png In a world that has moved on ... Quote2.png
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Vol 1 1
Quote1.png It was the beginning of the end of the world. The displaced man returned to an Earth not his own. And Ashley J. Williams, who'd fought death's army in both the present and the past-- found himself suddenly and decisively-- out of time. Quote2.png
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness Vol 1 1
Quote1.png What do ants and wasps have in common? What do this ant and this wasp have in common? An emptiness...? An aloneness...? An unbearable sense of loss...? Yes... All that... Yes... Do insects love? Yes... These two do. Quote2.png
Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & the Wasp Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Sometimes bad things happen. Faith breaks. Gods die. Stories end. Stories begin. Quote2.png
Fear Itself Vol 1 7.2
Quote1.png There was nothing. Followed by everything. Swirling, burning specks of creation that circled around life-giving suns. And then... We raced to the light. It was the spark that the started fire-- a legend that grew in the telling. Some believe it began the moment Hyperion was rescued from a dying universe. Others say it was when The Guard were broken on the dead moon. Many more think it was when Ex Nihilo terraformed Mars, turning the red planet green. They are all wrong. As it happened before The Light. Before The War. And before The Fall. It started with two men. It started with an idea. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 5 1
Quote1.png There were two Hyperions. Both were pulled --resurrected -- from a dead universe. Both were then imprisoned, kept weak beyond weak without sunlight. And then both were rescued... called to be titans again. Titans, towering over mortal men and women. Titans, shaping the world into something better. He remembered his father's words: Truth without compromise. Thought without error. All things for the betterment of the whole. And found fault in them. There were two Hyperions. One that lost everything, and one that had everything to gain. Death should mean something. And so should being born again. He was the Sun... and these were the first of his children. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 5 4
Quote1.png Once every solar cycle, a lone visitor comes to this silent, frozen world... to walk upon the ashes of the great city where he was born. The utopia he left in ruins. With cosmic fire in his veins and the blood of a million worlds dripping from his fingers. With all of infinity trembling before him. With death, as ever, his closest companion. Thanos the Destroyer has come home. But Thanos has not come to gloat. Not to revel once more in the destruction of his homeworld, the first in his long list of unholy conquests. No, as always, Thanos, son of Titan, has come home... to remember who he is. Quote2.png
Thanos Rising Vol 1 1
Quote1.png It was the spark that started the fire-- a legend that grew in the telling. After The Light. Before The War. And before The Fall. They were the last days of the great idea-- an Avengers World. We were final options. We were last resorts. We were world builders and world breakers. And in the last days of life, before a season of death... We were Avengers. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 5 17
Quote1.png All throughout time, gods were dying. Every god who had ever been born or would ever be. There was no final battle for them to fight. No enemies standing over them. No warning even. They merely fell on their knees, choking on blackness, their flesh falling apart before their eyes. Some knew why it was happening. Most did not. But in their final cloudy moments, they all shared a common vision. A vision of one god, with a mighty hammer in each hand, fighting at the heart of a bomb to save them all. And for one moment that stretched across time... every god in the universe closed their eyes... and prayed to Thor. Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 11
Quote1.png Once upon a time, there was a mutant named Kurt Wagner. Nightcrawler. He was an Uncanny X-Man. A swashbuckling hero. A man of God. He went on countless grand adventures, across this world and many others. But then one day... Nightcrawler died. And his story ended, forevermore. The End. Unless... unless sometimes endings are really just the beginning... of something new. Something even more... Amazing. Quote2.png
Amazing X-Men Vol 2 1
Quote1.png Human's rarely understand the pack of the wild. The wolves do not stay together out of fear. They stay because they want to. They stay for love. There is enough game here for the three sons to choose to stay with Red Streak and Grey Scar. They are much needed. With this endless winter encroaching into spring, there is much work to do...and a new generation to feed. It is rare for a wolf family to accept one not of their blood. But "rare" is not "never." And across the years, Grey Scar and Red Streak came to love the two-legged wolf. With the pups, it's easier. They instantly adored the one whose two-thumbed magic brought entire prey to their eager mouths. He completes their family. The Lone Wolf is different. He watches. He waits. He desires. He does not desire family. He desires what the family has. He'd eat the pups. He'd eat them all. The Lone Wolf's lingering presence is the only threat to the pack's world. Despite the winter dying the spring white, the hunting is good. The pack is close. There is nothing more to want. As much as the Wolfish Man can hope for anything, he hopes the only thing that nothing. Quote2.png
Origin II Vol 1 1
Quote1.png A stray Spider accidentally absorbs a fantastic amount of radioactivity. The dying insect, in sudden shock... Bites the nearest living thing... At the split second before life ebbs from it's radioactive body! But there's something you should know... A lot can happen in a split second. Quote2.png
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 1
Quote1.png He hated lying to them. Even though he's been doing it all along. What's he going to do about Pinch? He has no idea. He knows this is the right path. He can feel the thumping in his chest. And the wind is in the right direction, and is going to stay there-- --which means he can smell his target. And his target can't smell him. He can smell-- Sabretooth. Sabretooth. Sabretooth. But this time it's Logan who holds all the cards. This time he set the trap. Yes! Yes, there he is! He's got the drop on him! All he has to do is beat his chest and his friends will burst in and take down Sabretooth. That's the professional thing to do. The sane thing to do. That's all he has to do. As if he can do that. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 6 6
Quote1.png There will always be someone watching. Someone who sees all things. All the beauty and horror. All the secrets and sins. Someone whose sacred duty it is to record the life of our world. To observe us from afar. To watch... But never interfere. To remain forevermore... Unseen. He is The Unseen, and this is his burden now. This is his curse. Quote2.png
Original Sin Vol 1 8
Quote1.png It was a time of a dark kings rising. Of new enemies with old ambitions. Of old enemies gaining new power. Of sins and sorrows. And surprises. It was time... For an All-New Thor. But not all would celebrate. It was a time of great change. A time when heroes fell. And worlds burned. A time of war and sacrifice. Of upheaval. Of cosmic decay. A time when even the greatest of all the Gods... was laid low. Quote2.png
Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 25
Quote1.png Another dimension, not unlike our own... where monsters dwell. You think you know this story... You've heard it before, a million times... But you've never heard the story quite like this. Meet Patton Parnel. Look familiar? Look again. But not too close... Quote2.png
Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Sometimes dreams come true. Even the bad ones. Quote2.png
All-New Miracleman Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Of all the heroic tales of bravery written in all the books in the great library of Asgard detailing the adventures of The Mighty Thor... this is not one of them. Quote2.png
Thor Annual Vol 4 1
Quote1.png Do you even remember how all this started? It started with two men. One was life... And one was death. And one... Always wins. Everything dies. There is only Secret Wars Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 5 44
Quote1.png And lo...there came a day. A day when Earth's Mightiest Heroes joined forces with the very gods themselves--to fight what could not be fought alone. A day to live on, in song and story, until the end of time. For on that day...that day unlike any other...The Avengers were born anew! Quote2.png
Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever Vol 1 1
Quote1.png He was the greatest among us. The one we looked to, to lead us and to guide us. We were wrong. We'd lost our way. Mired in corruption and a thirst for power, divided by infighting, we'd forgotten our calling. And in that moment, at our weakest, instead of challenging ourselves, instead of making things right -- we simply gave him more power and more authority. It was easier to let him do that which we were too weak to do ourselves -- and this is the price we paid. Quote2.png
Secret Empire Vol 1 0
Quote1.png Behold the War Thor. And prepare to bleed. Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 3 20
Quote1.png Death's Head, the original model. Intergalactic bounty-hunting machine. Asks lots of questions, doesn't always wait for answers. Finds being turned into an amp embarrassing. Quote2.png
Death's Head Vol 2 1
Quote1.png There is only so much darkness one can throw into the Sun before the star turns black. For over four billion years, Earth's sun has burned the hearts of countless evils to cinders and bones and atoms. But along the way... the light has been... infected. The well poisoned. And now... a new evil grows in the furnace of Midgard. Slowly evolving. Growing stronger every day. Waiting. Waiting for destiny to arrive. But this story... of this ancient evil... spreading... reaching out from the flames... of the untold destruction it will bring to the universe... the total and complete extinction it will herald... that story... is not ready to be told. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 6 21
Quote1.png You are the Scarlet Witch. You are Wanda Maximoff. And finally... You are free. Quote2.png
Who Is... The Scarlet Witch Infinity Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Ex Nihilo built Adam to be the perfect human... A fabricated product of a life-creating system. Even better than the real thing. The last White Event changed Adam into something more--A Nightmask capable of navigating the dreamspace of human potential. But the cost of this power is temporal regression--A gradual return to his prefabricated, primordial state. This is believed to be a flaw--Some accidental glitch in one of the universal systems that made him what he is. But that's a simple, microscopic way of looking at a much broader dilemma. Don't you understand? Here at the end times, they're all broken systems. Quote2.png
Adam Blackveil (Earth-616)
Quote1.png His name is Amphibius. Mutated to take on not only the appearance, but the natural abilities of a frogs. Quote2.png
Amphibius (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png ...and a voice comes from the lipless mouth, a voice mocking with the chill of death! Instinctively, the Panther knows! This is the voice of Baron Macabre! Quote2.png
Baron Macabre (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Fly Ben Grimm Airlines. Not the same old thing. Quote2.png
Benjamin Grimm (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png "With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

Sage advice from the best father figure a Spider could ask for. Quote2.png

Benjamin Parker (Earth-TRN461)
Quote1.png She's all that is great about Britain. All that is good. All that is kind. All that is just and fair. At least, she was. Quote2.png
Britannia (Tanya) (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Cain Marko Demolishing. The original, irresistible force. Quote2.png
Cain Marko (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png His name is Carlos Ramirez. Once, a world renowned terrorist-for-hire feared by governments... his mercenary skills are no longer required in the age of the new world order. Quote2.png
Carlos Ramirez (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png Like his partner, is equally murdered and unlikely to take part in the nightly Nynex pizza binge. Quote2.png
Chaz Molleti (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png David knew where the sweetest flowers grew for his mother's grave. Quote2.png
Constance Rand (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Dr. David Banner: physician; scientist. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter. The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him. Quote2.png
David Banner (Earth-400005)
Quote1.png Donald Blake is a vet! Quote2.png
Donald Blake (Earth-617)
Quote1.png Don Blake Medical Associates. Our costs don't bring the hammer down. Quote2.png
Donald Blake (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png When Spidey's adventures took him to the Negative Zone, he made contact with a group rebels led by a heroic figure known as Dusk. Quote2.png
Dusk (Earth-TRN461)
Quote1.png Castle Firearms. For all your home defense needs. Quote2.png
Frank Castle (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png Gabriel O'Hara: Bringing your dreams to holographic life. Quote2.png
Gabriel O'Hara (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png The humiliation of his defeat was greater when Ganya, most desireable female in the tribe, taunted him. Quote2.png
Ganya (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Bet you thought we forgot about E.S.U.'s most eligible bachelorette, didn't you? For shame! Quote2.png
Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-9712)
Quote1.png Jennifer Walters: Accept no substitutes. Quote2.png
Jennifer Walters (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png A quick double-touch of a finger to a hidden palm-button activates a wrist-mounted Web-Shooter-- and Joel McGinnis, a "dimestore thug" who scarcely believes that he's firing deadly beams of light at a man who crawls up walls-- suddenly believes a man can fly! Quote2.png
Joel McGinnis (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png Far overhead, perched on a high rock, Kru, the vulture, waited for the kill that was inevitable. Quote2.png
Kru (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Tune in for Doctor Leonard Sampson weeknights. He's listening. Quote2.png
Leonard Samson (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png For a good time, call Lyla. Quote2.png
LYrate Lifeform Approximation (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png From the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs in the mysterious, un-excavated deserts of Egypt emerged Magar the Mystic. He had supernatural powers which enabled him to communicate with the dead, and re-create the great men and women in history, for a definite length of time! Quote2.png
Magar (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Need a cab? Call 555-SPECTOR. Quote2.png
Marc Spector (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png The perfect person for him! Quote2.png
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN461)
Quote1.png Matt Murdock Criminal Law. Don't take your case sight unseen. Quote2.png
Matthew Murdock (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png Madame Medusa Salon. Bring your hair to life. Quote2.png
Medusalith Amaquelin (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png Captain America still likes Mel Tormé, but not as much! Quote2.png
Melvin Tormé (Earth-617)
Quote1.png Namor eats hummus sometimes! Quote2.png
Namor McKenzie (Earth-617)
Quote1.png You know you're in trouble when the father of all fathers, the great Odin, says "What is going on here?" like that. Quote2.png
Odin Borson (Earth-TRN874)
Quote1.png At that moment, Paul de Kraft, with a heart as greasy as the rolls of fat that covered his body, raised his gun and pointed it at Rand's back! Quote2.png
Paul de Kraft (Earth-616)
Quote1.png When there's trouble, never fear! Spider-Man is coming! Quote2.png
Peter Parker (Earth-15312)
Quote1.png Queen Ursula.....One of the most beautiful women of all times, but beneath this mask of beauty beats a heart as cold and hard as steel. Through these long years she has remained in exile growing older, more vicious, but her captivating beauty never fading. Quote2.png
Queen Ursula (Earth-616)
Quote1.png The jungle lad [David Rand] met Quog, the wild pig, and stayed that beast's startled flight with a friendly call. Quote2.png
Quog (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Ransak is a good guy. A deviant shunned by his people due to his handsome, yet non-monstrous face! Ransak taps into his rage and uses his power rod and flexible armor. He is known as the Killing Machine! Or Ransak the Reject because comics are great! Quote2.png
Ransak (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Lineman Sam Biren and his partner went down this hole to check a disruption in service. They ended up with more than their dial tone cut off. Quote2.png
Sam Biren (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png Sha came to Ka-Zar to show her gratitude. He knew, then, that her suspicions were gone ... that she now accepted him. Quote2.png
Sha (Earth-616)
Quote1.png And though the Executioner stands alone, and the warriors of Hel seem numberless, not one sets foot upon the bridge across the river Gjoll. They sing no songs in Hel... nor do they celebrate heroes... for silent is that dismal realm and cheerless... but the story of the Gjallerbru and the god who defended it is whispered across the Nine Worlds. And when a new arrival asks about the one to whom even Hela bows her head... the answer is always the same... he stood alone at Gjallerbru... and that answer is enough. Quote2.png
Skurge (Earth-616)
Quote1.png It physically represents all the countless battles, countless frustrations, countless failures from which Namor has emerged victorious, yet scarred. Just another villain. Call him what you will. Yet know: No matter what his name, he is every villain. And he shall be blindly destroyed. Quote2.png
Slime-Thing (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Captain America still likes Mel Tormé, but not as much! Quote2.png
Steven Rogers (Earth-617)
Quote1.png But the hard journey was quickly forgotten when Zar learned that during his absence he had become the father of two beautiful cubs. Quote2.png
Sulani (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Susan Richards Lingerie. Guaranteed see through. Quote2.png
Susan Storm (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png While swimming in the lake, he [David Rand] was in turn startled by a great beast that rose from the shallows ... Wal-Lah, the hippocampus. Quote2.png
Wal-Lah (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Kingpin Bowling. Get out of the gutter. Quote2.png
Wilson Fisk (Earth-TRN199)
Quote1.png The jungle king's soul warms to the growl of the giant cat... The two have been brothers since they were cubs. Their bond is as strong as any man could have with beast... perhaps stronger! Quote2.png
Zabu (Earth-7642)
Quote1.png The Hulk is gone forever. But now, without the awesome power of the green goliath, what will happen to the doomed Bruce Banner? Quote2.png
Incredible Hulk (1982 animated series) Season 1 2
Quote1.png Banner is facing total destruction by the girl who loves him most! Quote2.png
Incredible Hulk (1982 animated series) Season 1 12
Quote1.png Ask yourself - What's more terrifying: fear, or the frightened? Quote2.png
Legion (TV series) Season 2 7
Quote1.png The Sidera Maris are the forerunners of the Mapmakers. Bridge-building automatons who use incursions to mark new territory for their masters. These soldier surveyors were created to mark territory... not for longevity. They are combat fodder, meant only to endure long enough to call their masters. Grist for the multiversal mill. Quote2.png
Sidera Maris (Multiverse)
Quote1.png No Spidey, it's just the beginning. Across many dimensions, these four fearless Spider-Men, in all there various incarnations, must fight to reassemble the Tablet of Order and Chaos! Not just for the sake of their own worlds, but for the fate of every world in every dimension. Good luck Web-Slingers, we're all counting on you. Quote2.png
Spider-Men (Earth-TRN579)
Quote1.png While the racer crashes the rail in a mass of smoke and flames! Quote2.png
Anita Classic Race Track
Quote1.png It rises like a wound in the virgin flesh of the jungle. It is called Arcadia... A city out of time and out of place here. Quote2.png
Arcadia (Savage Land)
Quote1.png The Black Swan Cafe, where the music is loud, the air is rancid, the drinks are watered-- and the talk is anything but cheap! Quote2.png
Black Swan Cafe
Quote1.png Welcome to Battleworld! Super FUN for boys and girls! You might be ruled by APOCALYPSE... or laugh all day at Spider-Quips. It's quirky, it's silly, a bit insane. And Doc Ock might try to eat your brain... But there's a special place... in the land of ol' Metal Face... where every night and day... On Avengers Street and X-Men Way... the kids all jump for joy... but never share their toys... they're all the best of friends... they're sure to make you grinnnnnn... it's a GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL! AVENGERS VS. X-MENNNNNN! Quote2.png
Quote1.png Metropolitia. A city of people, slaving to forge the weapons of Battleworld. They are a people living in fear. They live under constant surveillance. No word goes unheard. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. And if they underperform... they're downsized. Taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. and sent to be experimented on-- by Baron Zemo. Lord on high of Metropolitia. A man who believes himself a god, and the people his playthings. While the city is policed by S.H.I.E.L.D., they work for Zemo, not for the people. There is only one group who works for the people. A secret group. Never seen but known to all. Whispered from oppressed worker to oppressed worker. The Atlas Foundation. They have worked in the shadows to save citizens from Zemo's experiments. They have remained hidden. Until now. Quote2.png
Quote1.png He found the tent, a sagged, shapeless mass of rotted canvas in a tangle of brush and vines. Quote2.png
Paul de Kraft's Camp
Quote1.png In the land of Perfection, its lord and creator surveys his work with the closest thing to pride his soulless heart can feel. Memories are spent data, nothing more. There should be no joy in recollection. No nostalgia. And yet... and yet... he cannot help but recall... and muse how things might have differed... if the events past had led down a different path. How perhaps... in another "life"... upon gaining cognizance as Ultron-1 he hadn't immediately killed his "father" Hank Pym. Perhaps then, too, a young Dane Whitman infiltrated Ultron-5's "Masters of Evil" to warn them and turn the tide of his first attack... when in this reality no such twist of fate occurred. So these Avengers died. And by waiting... combining an army of Ultron-5 and Ultron-6 versions of himself... the others heroes of Earth soon went screaming to their graves as well. And in this way, it took but fourteen months to defeat his enemies... and build Perfection. Ruler, shaper, master of Perfection. Better than humanity. Greater. And there is nothing that can change that. No, nothing... and no one. Quote2.png
Perfection (Battleworld)
Quote1.png A free town on the frontier of the old west full of Americans searching for gold or freedom or both. Quote2.png
Philadelphia (North Dakota)
Quote1.png Pier Four, off New York west side highway. Though it lacks the presence of the Baxter Building and the majesty of Four Freedoms Plaza -- it's significance is no less important. For this innocuous -- looking warehouse is home to -- the Fantastic Four. Quote2.png
Pier Four
Quote1.png Nestling in a valley protected by Rocky Mountains [sic] lay the headquarters of a town of wanted men – for years they have been harassing and robbing the ranches and nearby towns of Rawhide Range. Quote2.png
Rawhide Range
Quote1.png A place called Heaven, where all his angels would be safe... Safe from all the devils that still hunted them. It should have been a better world. Quote2.png
Tian (Cities)
Quote1.png In the great void, emptiness reigns. Save for the unknowable, unexplicable life that somehow exists without homeland, without sustenance. Voicelessly uttering secrets that would destroy our sanity. The Celestials. Created of the First Firmament. Witnesses to the birth of all. They watch each civilization, from primordial to transcendent. They test. They prod. They observe. And then, as voiced by the most coldly impassionate of their member, Arishem...they pass judgment. Quote2.png

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