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Quotes by Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)

Quote1.png Jean-Paul Beaubier, a child of light with a heart of darkness. Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)
Quote1.png ...haven't I raised you better than this? Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)
Quote1.png When you next emerge again -- taller, leaner, surer of mind and body -- a veritable cauldron of stirring power and strength... I shall be right here, waiting. As always. Good night, Nathan. Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)
Quote1.png Does it matter? What care I for the fate of the masses? Whether four or four billion fall in the days and weeks to come... the strongest - and the fittest - will survive. Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)
Quote1.png You are being groomed for more than Combat, my Son. You are destined to be Leader. Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)
Quote1.png If I had known he meant that much to you - I would have killed him sooner... Quote2.png
--Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)

Conversations with Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295)

Nathaniel Essex (Earth-295) from X-Man Vol 1 4 001.jpg
For centuries I waited for such a magnificent combination -- the Prelate Cyclops -- with a wondrous telepath named Jean Grey. I waited for the two of them to come together and finally... with a slight touch of growth acceleration... the result was more than I could have imagined.
Conversation Tail.png
Nathaniel Grey (Earth-295).jpg
Nate Grey
Okay, Mister, time for you to listen. I'm not and I've never been your puppet! I have memories... and dreams... and hopes... and loves! Doesn't matter what you say -- or how you twist the truth -- I'm not anyone's project!
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X-Man #4

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