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List of all notable quotes by or about Nathaniel Richards (Kang) (Earth-6311).
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Quote1 Put away your childish weapons! They are no more than toys to me! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 8
Quote1 I shall not battle them in person! I am too wise... too cautious for that! With all the knowledge of the far future at my disposal, it will be a simple matter for me to find another to wage my battle! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 11
Quote1 Though my own century fears me as the most ruthless conqueror of all time, my triumph is a hollow one so long as the twentieth century escapes my tyranny! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 23
Quote1 The Twentieth Century belongs to Kang! To Kang!! Quote2
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 135
Quote1 Greater men than you have trembled at my name -- Lesser men have fainted at its mention! Quote2
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 9
Quote1 Zarrko like all men of your era, you are an egoist and an imbecile. Quote2
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 10
Quote1 The Twentieth Century belongs to Kang! To Kang!! Quote2
Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 87
Quote1 Writers! Pfah! Quote2
Avengers: Forever Vol 1 1
Quote1 Avengers! Take action, Avengers-- and swiftly-- for despite your lack of love for me, you must join me, must fight at my side-- to save the life of your companion Rick Jones-- and possibly an entire universe! Quote2
Avengers: Forever Vol 1 2
Quote1 There. That is why I consider you Avengers worthy foes. You neither flee nor surrender, whatever the odds. Like myself, you know that combat means something, and honor more! Quote2
Avengers: Forever Vol 1 3
Quote1 The hand, Jones. Remove it. Quote2
Avengers: Forever Vol 1 9
Quote1 No. You considered yourself gods, Time-Keepers. Unassailable. But in the end, you're only men. Men with powerful technology. With machines. And any machine can be beaten. Any defense overcome. Consider that gentlemen -- and GIVE MY REGARDS TO HELL! KANG -- CONQUERS! Kang is victorious! The Time Keepers are no more! Quote2
Avengers: Forever Vol 1 12
Quote1 What's done is done. All that remains is going forward. I was content to die. To let you go on, become your own man, your own ruler, your own legend. It wouldn't have mattered, then. Many a great man began by betraying his father. But now -- now I am here -- and Kang the Conqueror cannot tolerate a traitor in his camp. Not if he is to go on. Quote2
Avengers Vol 3 54
Quote1 As was preordained, as was my fate from the birth of this reality! Reality itself, merely a puzzle for Kang to unlock, that he might claim--with honor--what is his! That I might stand--Kang, conqueror of the universe. Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 21
Quote1 With a roar as loud as time itself collapsing... they arrive. And for the first time in recorded history... I am afraid. Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 4
Quote1 Behold! Infinity's end approaches! This is all that I can afford to let you glimpse. Now you know what is at stake. All your friends will fall. You will fall. Quote2
Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock Vol 1 1
Quote1 Hard to believe that, in the future, when she grows old, she'll become so powerful that she'll thwart all my plans. Quote2
Avengers: Back to Basics Vol 1 6
Quote1 How does one destroy the invincible? Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 6
Quote1 I come to you humbled. The enemy of your escaped enemy. With your power and my wisdom, I believe we both can be satisfied. Together, we can destroy Kang. Quote2
Kang the Conqueror Vol 1 2
Quote1 Alexander wept because he could not conquer his world. Alexander wept because he could not conquer himself. But I am not Alexander. Quote2
Kang the Conqueror Vol 1 5
Quote1 What happened?! What has happened... is that you failed me! The Avengers. Earth's Mightiest Heroes. What a joke. Quote2
Avengers Vol 9 10
Quote1 He calls himself the Master of Time! "Gardener of Time" is more truthful! He prunes away the chronal branches deemed by others to be dangerous, reducing reality to a bloodless meadow! But that's not the way of warriors -- of men! I say, let it be a forest! Let it be a jungle! Quote2
Nathaniel Richards (Immortus) (Earth-6311)
Quote1 Story is not written, scholar-- and neither is destiny! History is made! Made by the deeds of the strong! The brave! And destiny is forged! The historians, the students, the gray-beards-- they come in the wake of the strong and write down what the brave have done! But it is the conquerors who change the world! Quote2
Nathaniel Richards (Kang) (Earth-6311)
Quote1 I soon discovered that my adventures had triggered an abundance of divergent realities, many of which held copies of myself... [They worry me] [b]ecause they're such idiots--and they're diverging more idiots! I must put an end to this before the name of Kang becomes synoymous with "fool!" Limbo itself provided a solution. The lesser Kangs could be exerminated within this timeless realm without producing more divergent doubles! Observation revealed that two 'brothers' were too clever to be easily eliminated. So I enlisted them into a Council of Time, letting them think they were part of my plan...when they were actually little more than stooges! Quote2
Council of Kangs (Multiverse)
Thunderbolts Vol 2 8 Many Armors of Iron Man Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Dear God... Quote2
May Parker (Earth-9997) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 20
Quote1 What does it mean? Quote2
Thunderbolts Vol 2 8 Many Armors of Iron Man Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Did we just save the Earth? Quote2
May Parker (Earth-9997) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 20
Quote1 Or shatter reality? Quote2
KangQuote1 Only time will tell. Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 20
Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 12 Textless
Kang the Conqueror
Quote1 I'm trying to save the universe! Quote2
Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616)from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 8 001
Quote1 And why would you be trying to save the universe? Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 12 Textless
Kang the Conqueror
Quote1 Because I live within it, you idiot! Quote2
Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black Vol 1 3
Conan the Barbarian Vol 3 1 Granov Variant Textless
Quote1 And so, the truth comes out: You fear me. Quote2
Timeless Vol 1 1 Textless
Quote1 Fear is a strong word. Let's just say I've noticed you. You were to kill the boy, and then I was to kill you, but you've really made a mess of matters. Quote2
Savage Avengers Vol 1 28
Quote1 All of history is my weapon, you fool. I fight with time itself. You are its playthings. I am its conqueror. Quote2
Quote1 We are not fleeing. Kang does not flee. We are repositioning to a more... advantageous time. Quote2

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