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Quote1.png TL;DR Don't be a dead-beat dad. Raise your kids. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 1
Quote1.png TL;DR With great power there must also come great responsibility. Obviously Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 2
Quote1.png TL;DR Get back at your enemies by selling pictures of yourself. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 3
Quote1.png TL;DR Kung-Fu and Super-Science don't mix. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 4
Quote1.png TL;DR Treat others the way you want to be treated. Especially when it comes to sticking sharp pieces of metal in them. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 5
Quote1.png TL;DR star-crossed lovers don't win. I mean, you know how it is, one second you think you found the girl of your dreams, and the next second she's just torn away from you! There's no point getting attached to anyone because you'll just have your heart broken when her city is moved to another dimension, or- or when she moves across the country for her masters degree and breaks up with you over text message! But it's fine, who needs love anyway? Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 6
Quote1.png TL;DR Whatever they pay evil henchmen in the Marvel Universe, it's never enough. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 7
Quote1.png TL;DR If you're going to be a super hero, goooood luck trying to have a tragedy-free love life. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 8
Quote1.png TL;DR Maybe pick on a super hero who doesn't have a super advanced military to back them up. What's Spider-Man been up to lately? Oh, he has his own giant tech company now? Really? Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 9
Quote1.png TL;DR Don't make the Hulk angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 10
Quote1.png TL;DR Remember kids, just say no to being possessed by almighty destroyer-birds from space! Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 11
Quote1.png TL;DR their parents can definitely beat up your parents. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 2 13
Quote1.png TL;DR Y'know, this all could've been avoided if Thanos just channeled his angst into a punk band... like every normal "edgy" teenager. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 3 1
Quote1.png TL;DR If you're the only super hero in an alternate universe who has their own comic book... ...Every problem is your problem. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 3 3
Quote1.png TL;DR Always wear your helmet when you skateboard and when you fight evil aliens in space. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 3 4
Quote1.png TL;DR Being a Herald to Galactus is like being a millennial. At best, you get to work for an all-consuming giant entity. At worst, you end up stranded with a lot of un-employable skills. Quote2.png
Marvel TL;DR Season 3 5

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