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Quote1.png I am most pleased to see my favorite son again! But, as for Loki... Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 88
Quote1.png Your appeal has reached my ears Thor! What trouble besets my favorite son? Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 92
Quote1.png No matter how strong, or how sly evil may be, there will always be a champion to challenge and defeat it! A champion such as the Mighty Thor! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 94
Quote1.png Again your forbidden love for that mortal female has caused you to shirk your duty!! This time there is no forgiveness in my heart! This time I order you banished from Asgard! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 110
Quote1.png Therefore, Go Thee To Earth! Bring Me Loki's Bag of Stones, If Such There Be! You Have Twenty-Four Hours Before I Pass Final Sentence! SO BE IT! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 117
Quote1.png Thy love for Jane Foster hath endured lo, these many months! It hath overcome every obstacle -- I shall deny it no longer! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 131
Quote1.png Thou didst treat the sick, and the afflicted! Thou didst walk amongst the weak... and give them strength! Yet, ever wert thou son of Odin... though thou knew it not! 'Twas I who placed thy hammer in an earthly cave... so thou wouldst one day find it! And find it thou didst... when thy lesson had been learned! The lesson of... humility! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 159
Quote1.png Power -- such as thine -- may ne'er be used in wanton wrath! Where man may err -- a God may not! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 167
Quote1.png Let the revelry begin! 'Tis a time for merry-making! So Speaks Odin! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 178
Quote1.png Each man must face his own Ragnarok! And in his soul, each man doth doth know if he will be found -- wanting! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 200
Quote1.png Ho Heimdall! Tis been eons since last I fought by hand. I see now 'tis a combat I surely miss! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 214
Quote1.png But do not forget, he thrives on evil ... And among mortals, evil is often a way of life. Beware, both of ye. Mayhap, I send ye to Victory. Mayhap, to thy Doom! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 223
Quote1.png 'Tis over, flesh of my flesh-- --and, as ever, thou hast made thy father proud! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 266
Quote1.png So long as the mystic Odinshield surrounds Balder thus - just so long shall Asgard stand! If it fades -- or Odin falls -- Balder dies the death from which there is no reprieve -- and Loki -- DAMNED LOKI -- shall win, after all! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 275
Quote1.png Must I slay mine own, mine only Son - to decide the Destiny of accursed Midgard? 'Twould be slaying a Part of myself, to drive home this Magic Spear - and end a Life otherwise beyond ending. And yet - and yet, I must! Odin hath sworn an Oath - taken a Vow more holy e'en than the Bond 'twixt Father and Son! And, for the Sake of that Oath - Thor must die! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 291
Quote1.png Slay mine own Son - with three-pointed Gungnir?! Nay! Let the Skies above me tremble - the Mountains shake with Rage - I'll not slay mine only Bloodson again! Not again!! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 292
Quote1.png Brunnhilda hath defied me - aye, and in so doing, hath made it mine own Hand that did slay my mortal Son. Verily, beyond all imagining shall be her Punishment when I have o'ertaken her! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 297
Quote1.png As thou art Bringer of Death, so 'tis Odin a God of Life. I bid ye rise, flower and leaf...rise and be restored. Let thy parlor games cease, Hela. Thou hast stolen Valhalla from me -- twisting it to thy vile intent. But no longer. Prepare thee now for the judgement of Odin. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 314
Quote1.png Praise these heroes! Bill, who has become the second son I never had! And Thor, who is now and forever, indivisibly, the first son of Odin, the god of thunder and heir to the throne of Asgard! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 340
Quote1.png Young they were and reckless, for had they not recently slain the father of all Frost Giants, the terrible Ymir? Had they not made the world of his body and the sky of his skull and the clouds of his brains? Were they not the sons of Bor, the grandsons of Buri, the first of all immortal gods? Were they not Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, riding in the dawn of the world and in the fullness of their youth and power? Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 349
Quote1.png Rise up, ye loyal citizens of Asgard! Thy one, true liege hath finally returned in this -- the hour of thy gravest need! Death to the foes of the Eternal City! Death to Seth the Serpent-God! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 400
Quote1.png A tale, Balder? I suppose 'twould be fitting enough. My son's adventures in Asgard and Midgard are many. Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 1 466
Quote1.png Youthful innocence must ever be nurtured! Children deserve only love and devotion -- and should be protected at any cost! In truth, they are our future. Our living legacy to the parade of endless tomorrows! So speaks Odin! Quote2.png
Thunderstrike Vol 1 15
Quote1.png This day, I have worked magic. You are barred from entering Asgard. Die well, in this place you chose over Heaven. Die well. ... You are no longer my son, and I care nothing for the death of strangers. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 491
Quote1.png Yes, he was a good boy...dead now. Ever'body dead now... Asgard dead... brothers dead 'long time ago. Did I say I killed my son...? Dead as 'doornail. I killed him. Came to me for help an' I slammed the door in his face... Boom! So he died! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 498
Quote1.png Let the heavens rejoice! Let the streets ring with laughter and celebration! After too long an absence, the scion of Asgard finally walks among his proud people again! Quote2.png
Thor: The Legend Vol 1 1
Quote1.png You have strutted around my kingdom and terrorized my people long enough. GO AWAY! You don't want to fight me. Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 512
Quote1.png Though death cannot die -- Thou canst be delayed! Thou canst know defeat! Banished be thou from my golden realm! Exiled to the dreaded domain that spawned thee! Quote2.png
Journey into Mystery Vol 1 513
Quote1.png 'Tis here I stand! 'Tis here I fight! And should destiny decree so -- Tis here I shall perish! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 18
Quote1.png LOKI! THOU DOST DARE TOO MUCH! Evil as thou art, still art thou subject to the will of thy father and liege! Quote2.png
Thor Annual Vol 2 2000
Quote1.png 'Tis unthinkable... that in this... mayhap his greatest challenge ever -- the god of thunder shall taste defeat! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 22
Quote1.png Thou has knowledge...of...The Reigning? 'Tis not to be spoken of -- or e'en thought of! not thy place! This is not thy time! BEGONE! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 35
Quote1.png While the God of Thunder heals here in the realm eternal, his mortal self may return to Midgard! Be warned...they are two now. Olson is without power -- incapable of becoming Thor should the need arise! Nor can Thor become Olson! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 39
Quote1.png Thy final moment is at hand, Surtur! In times past, I did suffer thee to live, settling for thine imprisonment! 'TIS NOT A MISTAKE I SHALL REPEAT! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 2 40
Quote1.png Hush now, o man...Be still and fear not. For, when next you meet thy nemesis upon the field of battle......Asgard stands with thee! Quote2.png
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 10
Quote1.png Strength and virtue must be opposed--must be challenged and tested--or they will not grow. Rain must fall or there are no rainbows. Night must come, or we do not come to love the light of day. that is the way of things. And the hero who triumphs over the greatest adversity--it is he that is mightiest of all... Quote2.png
Thor: Godstorm Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Gods and mortal men share one quality. To be who we are, we must kill our fathers. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 3 7
Quote1.png Can there be anything closer to a Norse heaven than to live and die and live again in eternal battle? Quote2.png
Thor Vol 3 8
Quote1.png You! Lack! Humility! And humanity! You are supreme in your power and your pride! The lessons you need so profoundly can never be learned by a god of thunder -- thus I cast you out -- thus shall you shed your godly trappings -- no longer art thou God of Thunder! Thy memory too shall I strip bare! Then go -- for life anew awaits -- on Midgard... Quote2.png
Thor: Man of War Vol 1 1
Quote1.png You have served me well. You have shown me beyond all doubt who the killer is. And for that I shall never forgive you. If I ever see your miserable faces again I will tear your entrails out. Go! Get out of my sight! Quote2.png
Thor: Trial of Thor Vol 1 1
Quote1.png I AM RETURNED...! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 618
Quote1.png Villain! In my name -- today you die! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 620
Quote1.png You -- your race -- You're an infection. Entitled and empowered -- think that simply because you exist -- that you deserve to be heeded and feared? You are not gods. You're parasites! Quote2.png
Thor Vol 1 621
Quote1.png The Serpent is malevolence given form; he is terror given shape. ... His avatars carry with them weapons more mighty than any found on Earth. And they are driven by dire purposes we cannot fathom beyond the most simple: Spread fear! Spread terror! The Serpent has no interest in war -- his strategy is slaughter. And slaughter he shall. Again and again. And the minds of men will warp and break. Their very faiths will shatter...and their icons will fall... Quote2.png
Fear Itself Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Be it tomorrow or a thousand years from now...the mistakes you've made this day will haunt us all. Quote2.png
Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 6
Quote1.png I'd give my right eye never to see that Deadpool kid again. Quote2.png
Deadpool Vol 5 20
Quote1.png The game is over. The prison door is open... And Odin walks the realms again. May all fates forgive me... Quote2.png
Original Sin Vol 1 5.4
Quote1.png ...My children. My son and my daughter and my child who is both. So strong and so quick. So brave and so cunning. I know you. I know everything you are... And... And I love you. Very, very much. Quote2.png
Original Sin Vol 1 5.5
Quote1.png For all your noble deeds these past days, you lack that quality which makes true heroes. That which your brother walked through fire to learn. You lack humility. And without humility... Yes, you may change. You may change, and change, and change, like a vain fool trying different armors to see which gleams brightest, while the battle goes on without him. You may change. But you will never grow. Quote2.png
Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol 1 9
Quote1.png This is your time of fire. Your hour of trial, when the storm is at the door and all is darkest. Hold to yourself, God of Lies. Be worthy-- not of your brother's power, but of your own. Remember. Remember what a lie is. Quote2.png
Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol 1 11
Quote1.png You. You wretched mallet. This is all your damn fault. I never should have had you forged in the first place. Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 3 5
Quote1.png I name thee... Mjolnir, the thunder weapon. First among hammers. The breaker of all things. Quote2.png
Mighty Thor Vol 3 12
Quote1.png When you find Loki, I am asking you to do what Thor would never be strong enough to do. What I am too weak and tender-hearted to ever do myself. I need you, Black Panther... to kill my son. Quote2.png
Free Comic Book Day Vol 2018 Avengers
Quote1.png 'tis a strange cadre of warriors you've assembled for yourself, Panther King. Most strange. Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 8 12
Quote1.png I love my son. I love his fervor. His moxie. His Hel-be-damned spirit. I love the lightning in his heart. I love the Mighty Thor. I just wish to the Gods I knew how to tell him. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 5 10
Quote1.png Odin is proud of you, Thor. In the name of all the Gods... I am proud of my son. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 5 15
Quote1.png Son... I'm here because I need you. Because I have nowhere else to go... Valhalla... is gone. Quote2.png
Thor Vol 6 24
Quote1.png Aye. I am an old man--foolish and fond, and quick with my temper. There are times I show little wisdom. And is wisdom. The strange wisdom of the world-tree I gave this eye to. The tree that is everything. That has its roots and branches in all that is. There are ten realms in this reality--ten spheres, ten universes, and the tree winds through them all. Through every star and planet. Every hero and villain. Every life. Every story. I am Odin Borson, who build the world from corpse-meat. I am Odin One-Eye, and sometimes my one eye is open. But above all, I am Odin All-Father. I am the one who speaks for the tree. I am the king of all stories...and you are my child. Quote2.png
Odin Borson (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Midgard shall not be this child's home. In Asgard will he reside. He'll live as one of us, blessed with wisdom, insight and speed enow to escape any enemy. So decrees Odin. Quote2.png
Thialfi (Earth-616)
Quote1.png I can't believe you kept that damned cat. Quote2.png
Trjegul (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Well done my son! The Pillar of Sovereignty is once more secure! Quote2.png
Pillar of Sovereignty

Now to do what must be done -- I summon vociferous Volstagg.
Conversation Tail.png

Voluminous Volstagg
I hear and obey, my liege! Volstagg stands ready! Let lesser men tremble!
Conversation Tail.png

Fandral the Fleet
Volstagg, sire? A time like this for royal jest?
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 189
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
My father farewell. We have fought the good fight! The battle hath ended
Conversation Tail.png

As thou wert fearless in art thou still--in death. Thou wert a god to the end.
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 190
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 1 Immonen Variant cover 001.jpg
Thy mallet Mjolnir -- Make use of it!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 1 14 0001.gif
Odin commands. His son obeys!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 215

For Asgard!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
For Midgard!
Conversation Tail.png

For myself!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Vol 1 353
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
Titan, you are more worthy a foe than I anticipated.
Conversation Tail.png
Thanos Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg
Meaning you are shocked that I still remain breathing.
Conversation Tail.png
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
Precisely. But let not this compliment be taken in any erroneous manner. Your doom is assured. Scientifically acquired might cannot hope to stand against my own divine mystic power.
Conversation Tail.png
Thanos Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg
Strength and energy are the same despite its title or claim, Asgardian. Your supposed heavenly status impresses Thanos of Titan not in the least.
Conversation Tail.png
Warlock and the Infinity Watch Vol 1 25
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
I was needed, father--needed here! I am sworn to protect humanity--and a life was in danger through my inaction! I had to stay until--
Conversation Tail.png
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
Thy duty is to thy father, unruly one! And in this, thou hast failed most grievously! But never more! I strip from thee thy mortal guise--and make thee thy true self once more! Thy true self! Thou wouldst do well to remember that--for I return thee now to Asgard's gleaming halls, and thou shall see Midgard--never again!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor: Godstorm Vol 1 1
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
You would die to ensure this man's soul carried on?
Conversation Tail.png
Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 Textless.jpg
I would.
Conversation Tail.png
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
And you would do this for your countrymen as well?
Conversation Tail.png
Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 Textless.jpg
This one, I love. But -- yes. All good men who die in battle deserve this much.
Conversation Tail.png
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 14 001.jpg
Then I would give you another choice, an offer, a -- position of sorts. When they perish in the fields of war, you will carry the souls of deserving warriors to a place called Valhalla -- where they shall know everlasting peace. You will be their protector, and their guide, when they leave the mortal realm. ... But you will be more, as well. You will be a symbol. Men will commit great acts of bravery and sacrifice, for just the hope of glimpsing your face. You will inspire them. And I give you my word, girl, if you do this, one day, many ages from now, when your service is finished -- you will join your last love there, in paradise. This is your calling, Brunhilde of Wrlstead Arms, if you would have it -- you will be my Valkyrie.
Conversation Tail.png
Secret Avengers Vol 1 14
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
I have faithfully served! I have proved myself worthy, even unto you! I have done what no other could!
Conversation Tail.png

Thor, you heed your duty to Asgard but will not be tutored by it. You grow headstrong and boastful. I indulged that you might learn! ... You have sought conflict where there was none!
Conversation Tail.png
Thor Odinson (Earth-616).jpg
For Asgard! Tell me, father! Whereof have I lacked?!
Conversation Tail.png

Judgment and humility! And by my beard, Thor -- You will learn it! I banish you to Midgard, to reside these many years within a mortal shell, that you will be humbled, that you may persevere. That through his travails you shall learn the true measure of endurance.
Conversation Tail.png
Avengers Origins: Thor Vol 1 1
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 1 Immonen Variant cover 001.jpg
Today... death comes for the one who would be Thor!
Conversation Tail.png
Jane Foster (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 3 1 001.jpg
Today my hammer comes for your face!
Conversation Tail.png
Mighty Thor Vol 3 4

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