Beings and objects classified as Omega Level or Omega Class.
(The Omega designating ultimate threats, potentials or powers)

Are listed down here:

  • The Omega Level Mutants, and those potentially or beyond that level.
    • The Omega Level Telepaths, Telekinetics and Healers, used seemingly only for the mutants.
  • The Omega Level threats, similar to the Omega Level Mutants in a more general way, including situations, locations, events. Used by both the Initative Classification and the Mapmakers.
    • The Omega Class Weapons, similar to the Omega Level Threats, but supposed to designated only objects.
  • The characters who possess Omega Level Earthquake Production.
  • The Omega Class Infected Vi-Locks.
  • The Omega Level Mutates
  • The characters classified as Class Omega

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