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Quotes by Ororo Munroe (Earth-92131)

Quote1.png I will stop you. The X-Men will stop you! We will rise, as we always have, to lead by example and defend those who need us most! That you thought I would join you only shows how truly mad you are! Quote2.png
--Ororo Munroe (Earth-92131)
Quote1.png Mutants. Friends. Hear me! For too long, we have allowed our differences to set us apart from each other. We have allowed them to grow within our hearts until they consumed us, allowed them to define us! But today, I say no longer! No longer shall we allow our gifts to be used by others to further their own selfish aims! No longer shall we stand by, fighting amongst ourselves while there is good to be done in this world. As a member of the X-Men, I have learned that it is our differences that make us stronger! If you are weary of this endless war, if you tire of being pit against each other for so long, then today, you can help us save this world from those who would destroy it. For today -- we are all X-Men! Quote2.png
--Ororo Munroe (Earth-92131)
Quote1.png You have been an ally, Gladiator. But no longer. The moment you saw these Mutant Brood as anything other than worthy of life, you made yourself an enemy of the X-Men. Quote2.png
--Ororo Munroe (Earth-92131)

Conversations with Ororo Munroe (Earth-92131)

Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?
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Us! What bug crawled up her shorts?
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I believe it's called youth, Rogue.
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