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Quotes by Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)

Quote1 America Chavez, you're in violation of both the curfew and restrictions on teleportation. Quote2
--Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)
Quote1 No! I can't lose America! Quote2
--Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)
Quote1 Daddy's girl was only given one bullet to play with today... and this is for the heart of the boy who fell to Earth. Quote2
--Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)
Quote1 Daddy. I've given this some thought. I really want to be normal. Quote2
--Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)
Quote1 The power's gone. My father's gone. Without him, his empire will crumble. The world as I've always known it is finished. This was not one of our more successful capers. You got too greedy, Daddy, wanting the power of a god all for yourself. You should've known, you can't take the world in a day. You've got to do it the old-fashioned way... One golden bullet at a time. So begins... the New Midas Empire. Quote2
--Oubliette Midas (Earth-616)

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