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Quotes by Owen Reece (Earth-616)

Quote1 And there he is. Norman Osborn. King of the world. That's so funny to me... because to us it doesn't look like you're in charge of anything at all. Quote2
--Owen Reece (Earth-616)
Quote1 All the pieces are coming together. All the things we've built will son be crumbling down. Because they're out there... Waiting. The Ivory Kings. The Beyonders... And how can we defeat them? We cogs in their well-oiled apocalypse machine? For it takes a God to kill a God. Quote2
--Owen Reece (Earth-616)
Quote1 I like stuff. I like making it and having it. I like alliteration too. "Molecule Man"! I mean, technically I worked with atoms, but... "Atom Man"? Ugh. No zing. No pizzazz. Even atoms seem big and clunky to me now. I should be... Proton Man. Or Quark Man. Superstring Man. Information Man. Editing and ordering the base information of reality. Owen Reece, the Narrative Man. Heh. Quote2
--Owen Reece (Earth-616)

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