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Quote1.png Oh, mother, have you read this heart-rending story--"A Broken Life"? Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 27
Quote1.png Today Buzz gave me his school ring! That means we're practically engaged! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 31
Quote1.png Buzz Baxter! This is no time for playing games! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 78
Quote1.png Don't you remember? The contest Nan and I entered...for the best essay on 'Why we want to visit New York!' Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 79
Quote1.png Buzz Baxter! When I told you I couldn't go out with you tonight on account of a headache, I didn't except to find you out with Hedy Wolfe! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 80
Quote1.png But, Buzz...if it doesn't stop snowing soon, we'll never get to ski! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 87
Quote1.png Oh well...You can't win 'em all! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 69
Quote1.png I'll bet Hedy is the most spoiled gal in America! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 89
Quote1.png Well! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a sneaky female! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 72
Quote1.png Wrong number? That's what you think, fella!!! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 92
Quote1.png "Miss Chic will award Fashion's monthly prize to the teen-ager who has done the most for fashion! This month the prize goes to..." ULP! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 93
Quote1.png How exciting! A prize for the couple doing the best cha-cha! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 75
Quote1.png If only I hadn't come... That girl two rows back has a dress just like mine! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 96
Quote1.png Hedy, wait up! I've got the most fabulous news! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 79
Quote1.png Hedy and Nan will get the surprise of their lives when they see me disguised as Mille the Model! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 98
Quote1.png Hedy, do you remember the first time we met? Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 80
Quote1.png Pardon me, but doesn't it hurt your social life, and your chances for marriage, to become a student nurse? Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 99
Quote1.png Well, one good thing... they didn't embarrass us with too much flattery!!! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 100
Quote1.png The boys must be infatuated with Trudy and Tessie because they're studying to be in show business! You know how glamorous actresses seem to other people! So, here's my idea... Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 102
Quote1.png Gosh, Hedy, isn't it fun to do the Chaleston?? Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 85
Quote1.png I'm utterly bored with my hair style! I'd love to change it! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Girls, guess who's in town? Frederick Fabrik, the famous fashion designer! Isn't that exciting? Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 87
Quote1.png Oh no! I don't see Buzz! There's no one here, except *gulp* that foreign looking boy! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 106
Quote1.png The gang'll be here soon! Gosh, I wonder what life will be like for me when I'm an adult...? I wonder if I'll be a career girl...perhaps working in a glamorous office...or perhaps I'll continue my education and go to college...or, for all I know...marriage may even beckon...*sign* Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 107
Quote1.png Won't it be thrilling to spend the whole day here? What a wonderful idea this was! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 90
Quote1.png I just love my job as a junior clerk...I've a handsome boss..insteresting work! Nothing could spoil things now! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 110
Quote1.png Look! It's time for the best-dressed girl contest this year! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 113
Quote1.png Oh, Buzz! It's the most beautiful engagement ring... Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 114
Quote1.png  --My grades have been so good that I expect to be chosen class valedictorian! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 95
Quote1.png Now that I've graduated high school, I've got to select the right college to attend! I simply can't wait to begin my college career! I'm thrilled to pieces! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 116
Quote1.png Oh, Buzz--I'm so happy! I still can't believe we're really together! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 117
Quote1.png I trusted you, Mack, and you failed me! Just when I thought I had won your heart! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 118
Quote1.png Buzz dear, what I'm trying to say is, I'm Engaged! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 98
Quote1.png How did it happen? Suddenly, without any warning, I've lost the one I love to Hedy! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 99
Quote1.png Hedy Wolfe!! How can you speak about Nancy that way? It just isn't fair! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 120
Quote1.png Oh, yes, isn't it exciting? Hedy and I are thinking of rooming together! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 100
Quote1.png Everything is so big and fabulous in New York I...I can really feel my problem growing smaller! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 121
Quote1.png I can't bear it! My darling Buzz lies upstairs wounded... And they won't let me see him! I've got to get to him! I've beem a fool for months, but now I can see things clearly and I must tell him...I love him!!! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 122
Quote1.png If he kisses me, I'll know the truth, at last! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 102
Quote1.png Buzz, my darling! You can't leave me now...I couldn't bear losing you again! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 123
Quote1.png What's come over me? I want to stop kissing you, Al...but I can't...I can't...! Oh Buzz....Buzz! How can you forgive me? It's you I love, and always will...and yet, I've let another man kiss me! Why Buzz--Why?? Quote2.png
Patsy Walker Vol 1 124
Quote1.png Hi, there! Welcome to the wonderful world of fashion! I'm so glad you bought my exciting new book! I've spent the whole year putting it together...and I did it just for you! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker's Fashion Parade Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Yes! Isn't it amazing how it all came about so quickly? A few days after Mr. Morris of the New York Star hired us, he stopped by to see us again... Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 105
Quote1.png You were absolutely correct when you predicted that Cord would become a star, Hedy! Golly, doesn't hin name look great up there in lights? Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 107
Quote1.png C'mon, Hedy...We have a story to write! And what a story! Quote2.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 109
Quote1.png The Beast owes me and I plan to collect! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 140
Quote1.png Turn around gentlemen and meet -- The Hellcat! Quote2.png
Avengers Vol 1 144
Quote1.png Gosh! If the Red Guardian's really gone bad, then maybe my ex-hubby, Buzz, was right after all about Communists! Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 1 54
Quote1.png They've all been reprinted a dozen times of course. A fantasy life for me--all dreamed up by mom! She had very specific ideas about my future, especially after dad died. Sometimes I felt she couldn't tell the difference between me-- and the fictional Patsy in the magazines. Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 1 89
Quote1.png As took my housekeeper and surrogate mother, Dolly Donahue, to convince me that I had the courage to find out the truth; to see, once and for all, if the man who walked out on mom and me those years ago... was the devil himself. Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 1 111
Quote1.png The Avengers aren't that easily beaten -- and you and your "Dread Master" Daboia can take that to the bank! Quote2.png
Avengers Annual Vol 2 2000
Quote1.png I pretend to be the same as always because it's all I have to hang onto -- but it's a lie! You don't understand what I've been through Hedy! I killed myself! I hated my life so much I killed msyelf! And then I went to Hell! And then I came back! To life! To Centerville! And Hedy -- I don't see any difference! Quote2.png
Hellcat Vol 1 1
Quote1.png You're not the Son of Satan. You're the son of Satannish. Quote2.png
Hellcat Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Cheese and Crackers! That was too close! If I were a guy I'd have just been neutered! Quote2.png
Defenders Vol 2 11
Quote1.png I'd like to see your angriest ursines, please. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker: Hellcat Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Fine. Let's get on with it. Give me a new name but that is the limit of my tribal initiation tolerance. Got it? [Double clawed cat full of red Hell fire--] Close. [with her head against the wind and comes not quietly from the great sea road] Like I'm going to remember that. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker: Hellcat Vol 1 2
Quote1.png 'Lie by the grave,' the woman said. Thank Heavens for homonyms! Right, all you demons. I'm doing this my way. My real name's Patsy Walker and I was insanely popular in high school. And I get everything I ask for and some things I don't. And I always wanted to be a super hero. And everybody loves me. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker: Hellcat Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Good gravy, Pete. You two are the poster children for premarital counseling! Quote2.png
Patsy Walker: Hellcat Vol 1 4
Quote1.png What is your problem? Why don't you like me?! What have I ever done to you? I mean... that couldn't be fixed with the massive application of a massive forest fire, a desiccated corpse and a little cooperation. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker: Hellcat Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Come on! Haven't you always wanted to punch Einstein in the face? ... Do you guys have Oppenheimer? ... Come on, She-Hulk! Dibs on the bomb-maker! Quote2.png
Heralds Vol 1 1
Quote1.png No, it's not him. Can't you tell it? Can't you smell it? Only one person smells like this. That's Deadpool. Quote2.png
Wolverines Vol 1 13
Quote1.png So why show up here? Why now? If you can track me down with a hashtag, you could've found my number. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 2
Quote1.png Still, I gotta hand it to you, pal -- that is the nastiest power I've ever seen. Or, okay, at least the third nastiest. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 3
Quote1.png It's like I told Jen before... all this. I've done my part. I've Avenged and Defended. I just wanted to lie low for a while and get my life back on track. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 8
Quote1.png Felicia? Normally I'd say money or material goods, but this time I just don't know. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 13
Quote1.png Yes, okay, I may have underestimated her. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 14
Quote1.png "Thanks for calling"? Well, I was going to take you out for lunch, but then you gave me "Thanks for calling" so -- Quote2.png
Hulk Vol 4 3
Quote1.png ...I think I get it. I'm done running. I'm ready to be a hero again. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 16
Quote1.png Enjoy watching your weird baking videos! Quote2.png
Hulk Vol 4 7
Quote1.png Okay. Fine. Yes. I will check out the attic and the strange growling noise. Quote2.png
Iron Man/Hellcat Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Come on! Haven't you always wanted to punch Einstein in the face? ... Do you guys have Oppenheimer? ... Come on, She-Hulk! Dibs on the bomb-maker! Quote2.png
Julius Robert Oppenheimer (Earth-616)
Quote1.png Turn around gentlemen and meet -- The Hellcat! Quote2.png
Patricia Walker (Earth-616)
Patricia Walker (Earth-616) from Marvel Legacy The 1960's Handbook Vol 1 1 0001.jpg
Patsy Walker
Hedy, how about joining us?
Conversation Tail.png
Hedy Wolfe (Earth-616) from Models, Inc. Vol 1 4 cover.jpg
Hedy Wolfe
Okay...where are you coming apart?
Conversation Tail.png
Nancy Brown (Earth-616).jpg
Nan Brown
Bro-ther! How corny can you be?
Conversation Tail.png
Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 77
She-Hulk Vol 3 1 Stegman Variant Textless.jpg
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Let's just come back tomorrow. This is crazy.
Conversation Tail.png
Patsy Walker Hellcat Vol 1 5 Textless.jpg
Hellcat (Patsy Walker)
Why don't you just go, then?! You're like all my other friends. You never support me!
Conversation Tail.png
She-Hulk Vol 3 2

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