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Quotes by Peter Quill (Earth-12041)

Quote1 Oh great... another of the metaphorically challenged! Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Psyche! Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Sorry, Gamora. But if we all get pulled inside, who's gonna get us out again? Besides, I've got a strict rule of not getting sucked inside another dimension before breakfast. Aww, come on! Groot! Let me go! GROOOOOOT! Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Great. A mysterious disembodied voice in an impossible castle. This always ends well. Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)
Quote1 All right. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about our "host." Whatever we do, we've got to stay together. Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Who are you and where is Drax? Quote2
--Peter Quill (Earth-12041)

Conversations with Peter Quill (Earth-12041)

I'm ready to make my last stand!
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Yeah, well, I'm not.
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