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Quotes by Phillip Urich (Earth-616)

Quote1 Aw, c'mon, boss. Lighten up. It's been a week. And what a week. Remember when everyone was naked? I had a camera! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 How about this? We both want the key... we can kill each other over who gets it... after we kill the geeks! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 Oh, Man! This Goblin gig is a real rush... but it could also prove extremely hazardous to my health! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 After facing a total death machine like The Hobgoblin--Ricko the Sicko is about as intimidating as yesterday's laundry! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 You been in town less than six hours and you've managed to piss off some verrrrry important people! It took me nearly eight hours to do that! You beat my record! I'm so jealous! HA! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 You'll address me, Mr. Negative, as the Goblin King. I've earned it. Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 He's a neighborhood lowlife who dreams of being a headliner on America's Most Wanted. Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 This is no way to treat an honored guest. Welcome, Silk, to the Goblin Nation! Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)
Quote1 That's it. I tried to do this the classy way, but he wouldn't back off. Let's face it... there's only one way this was ever gonna end. You should be flattered, Randy, old pal. I charge the Kingpin five figures to kill somebody. But you, I'm gonna do for free. Quote2
--Phillip Urich (Earth-616)

Conversations with Phillip Urich (Earth-616)

Phillip Urich (Earth-616) from Spider-Girl Vol 2 6
Phil Urich
That crazy idiot is not threat to the Goblin King. What he doesn't realize is that his actions have consequences. And when he abandoned all those people he turned into villians, half of them came crawling to me. So you see, my army is getting larger. And soon I will take down that quixotic crackpot. What do you have that makes you so special?
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John Myers (Earth-616) 002
Missile Mate
The other half he abandoned
Conversation Tail
AXIS: Hobgoblin #2

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