Chronological Appearances

Chronological Order:

Trade Paperback Listing

  • Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men (First appearance)
  • House of M (depowered)
  • X-Men: The Day After
  • Son of M
  • New Avengers: The Collective (archive)
  • X-Factor: Life & Death Matters
  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis
  • Silent War
  • X-Factor: Many Lives of Madrox
  • X-Factor: Heart of Ice
  • X-Men Legacy: Divided He Stands (flashback)
  • X-Factor: The Only Game in Town (regains his powers)
  • X-Men Legacy: Sins of the Father (flashback)
  • New Avengers: Secret Invasion Book Two (flashback)
  • The Mighty Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest
  • X-Men Legacy: Salvage (flashback)

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