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Characters with (or items that grants their wielders) the power to perceive the future events
For example, as visions, dreams, by painting precognitive paintings or using specific rituals (divination) like card reading, scrying, etc.
For cases when the seeming precognition of the future is in fact caused by something else see Category:Pseudo-Precognition
Psychometry · Retrocognition · Clairvoyance · Danger Sense · Precognition · Pseudo-Precognition · Precognitive Immunity

A being who possesses precognition are called precognitive or precog (with[1] or without[2] a hyphen).

Precognition is considered a rare power,[3] but there is a large number of precogs among mutants.[4]

According to Destiny, when two precogs are in close proximity they negate each other powers, like she and Blindfold.[5][6]

According to Captain America the Avengers never emphasized the recruitment of precogs.[4]

Major Events[]

To prepare for the birth of first mutant since the M-Day and leave the X-Men unaware of it, Mr. Sinister and the Marauders killed majority of precogs and destroyed items with precognitive abilities.[7] In the aftermath of the Second Coming Blindfold was considered the only precog left among mutants.[4]

The second Civil War among the superhuman community had started because of the emergence of the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain. One side started to use Cain's gift in averting crises, while the other side opposed the punishment of people for something they have not done yet.[8]

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