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Quotes by Raina (Earth-199999)

Quote1 You will. And what we want is simple. We want you to tell us about the day after you died. Quote2
--Raina (Earth-199999)
Quote1 We finally get to find out what we become. Quote2
--Raina (Earth-199999)
Quote1 I am not a monster. I am an angel. I'm finally what I meant to be. Angels are guardians, Jiaying, but they're also heralds, sent to reveal the truth. And that is my purpose. I'm here to show the Inhumans exactly what you are. Even in the darkness, they will see the truth. Quote2
--Raina (Earth-199999)
Quote1 We're human, Skye. We just have the potential to be more. Quote2
--Raina (Earth-199999)

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