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List of all notable quotes by or about Reed Richards (Earth-616).
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Quote1 It is the first time I have found it necessary to give the signal! I pray it will be the last! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 1
Quote1 Why must we always fight among ourselves? What's wrong with us? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 3
Quote1 The French have an expression called enfant terrible, Johnny! It means a child who does dreadful things! But this child is so powerful, that anything he does could cause a catastrophe! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 24
Quote1 Benjamin, why don't you take up a hobby? Something that will keep you out of here while I'm working? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 27
Quote1 Stop sounding like a wife, Sue! I still make the decisions for this team! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 47
Quote1 But now, it's my turn to attack! And I've got powers you haven't even dreamed of! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 56
Quote1 His preoccupation with computers-- his detailed, seemingly foolproof plan-- his knowledge of scientific programming-- his complex, yet brilliantly executed moves-- It all adds up to one diabolically dangerous figure... The Mad Thinker!! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 69
Quote1 We're about to become-- the first human Micronauts! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 76
Quote1 And now, by the authority vested in me – by nobody in particular – I most warmly welcome you to the rollicking ranks of the fabulous free-wheeling Fantastic Four! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 81
Quote1 It's a strange paradoxical world we live in... a man can be arrested for illegal parking... but there's actually no law against trying to conquer the planet! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 90
Quote1 After all these years... All our adventures... We're still together... We're still a team! The Greatest Team Ever! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 100
Quote1 I have the power within my own body! The power to stretch -- to alter my shape! The reason they call me -- Mr. Fantastic! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 110
Quote1 You know... I wonder at times... is he right? Has man gone mad? Quote2
Sub-Mariner Vol 1 67
Quote1 Safe? Medusa, that's a word I haven't understood in years. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 144
Quote1 We're not "in the black" anymore -- so I'm selling out!! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 160
Quote1 ...having one afternoon to whip up a device to defrost an entire rampaging glacier isn't exactly my idea of child's play. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 162
Quote1 The Fantastic Four has never given up hope before ... We're not stopping now. If there's a way out of this, so help me - - I'll find it. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 206
Quote1 When the Skrull ray made us younger -- our powers somehow increased! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 215
Quote1 Oh what's the use? Just leave me alone! Go to bed and leave me alone! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 219
Quote1 ... I think it's time for an outing to the library! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 222
Quote1 I'd lay down my own life before I'd let a villain like Scratch harm a hair on Franklin's head. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 223
Quote1 The decision to fight must always be the final option. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 224
Quote1 For once I am at a loss of words. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 226
Quote1 We've got to get to the bottom of his strange powers -- learn how to control them... After all, Sue, He's our only son. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 227
Quote1 ... You and your fiery ally have seriously underestimated the Fantastic Four! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 232
Quote1 This time Doom, you've gone too far! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 236
Quote1 We may be calling our friends at Marvel Comics and telling them to start publishing Fantastic Five! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 238
Quote1 You'll have to do better than that, Doom. You'll find Mr. Fantastic more than a match for you every time. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 246
Quote1 We are undeniably in dire straits. I beg you to keep a cool head until I can calculate some way of alleviating the situation. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 256
Quote1 How else can I plead but ... guilty! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 262
Quote1 I still need you to pilot my experimental star-drive rocket. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 271
Quote1 It's all right Sue… it's over now -- and this time I think it's over for good! Quote2
Thing Vol 1 23
Quote1 Marriage is not easy, John -- it takes more love, effort, and understanding than you may think you have. But making it work is an experience greater than you could imagine! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 300
Quote1 All my life I've explored the wonders of the universe, yet what could be more wondrous than life itself? Quote2
Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men Vol 1 3
Quote1 I think I hear my microchips calling, Sharon. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 334
Quote1 Hold it, Hulk! The only way you'll get to her is over my dead body! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 348
Quote1 I don't know how you managed to breach our defenses or mimic my powers -- but I swear that you will live to regret this attack! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 366
Quote1 And I'm afraid that as long as Mrs. Mason desires to remain in her present condition-- --even unconsciously-- --there is no way known to man that can reverse the situation! Quote2
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 48
Quote1 Ugh!! The momentum of your fall yanked me off my feet! Are you sure you only weigh seven hundred pounds?!? Quote2
Fantastic Four: Unplugged Vol 1 5
Quote1 In the words of my dearest friend... It's Clobberin' Time! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 416
Quote1 Maybe not "never," Johnny... But not anytime too soon. And even though we can't see him -- -- or even detect him -- -- I'm not convinced he's not out there somewhere... watching. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 2
Quote1 The Red Ghost and the Super-Apes were exposed to the same cosmic radiation that gave us our incredible powers. If their genetic makeups have begun to merge -- -- both in terms of personalities as well as abilities -- -- is it possible that the Fantastic Four could suffer a similar fate? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 3
Quote1 I beat him, Ben. I didn't give up. I fought him real hard. I beat him real good. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 5
Quote1 Chief Anderson must have sacrificed herself to stop them. And by doing so, she may well have also saved her nation. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 12
Quote1 Knowing the Watcher as we do, there are devices in his collection which may make the Kree unbeatable. Which is why we have to stop him -- whatever the cost! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 15
Quote1 The only logical explanation is that we've moved in time -- either to the future, or some parallel dimension. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 16
Quote1 I don't believe it. I'm Richard Reed, leader of the Tetrad, the toughest criminal crew in Shadow City! That's a lie. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 17
Quote1 What's your game, Lockdown? Or is that it? That this entire reality is nothing more than a game? But for whose amusement? Are you just one of the pawns... ...or are you the player? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 18
Quote1 Whenever the Shadow Hunters roam... ...the Fantastic Four will ever wish them well! Quote2
Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 1999
Quote1 You see, Franklin, our abilities are a gift. But with that gift comes responsibility -- -- to use our abilities to defend humanity and our world against harm. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 24
Quote1 He stripped Doom of his armor......and encased me in it. But if he thinks I'm trapped, he's in for a rude shock. Whatever it takes, I swear I'll find a way to beat him, and regain my freedom! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 26
Quote1 If he's as essential to the well-being of your world as you maintain, we need to find him, and restore the proper status quo between him and me. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 28
Quote1 Nothing is ever what it appears... it's the mysteries and the unknown that make life interesting. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 34
Quote1 You want to buy Pier Four with all the machinery, inventions and miscellaneous material it contains? That's your deal? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 35
Quote1 You represent the past, Diablo. The superstition of the dark ages. Won't you ever understand that this is the present, the time of science, of reason? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 36
Quote1  -- The one great truth about the Fantastic Four -- -- is that we take care of our own! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 38
Quote1 It's just a guess, old friend, but if I'm right, we could be up against the greatest threat we've ever faced! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 1
Quote1 Don't ever be sorry, Robert. You were the first of us... And the best... and we're going to have to lose you again... You were the best man I ever knew... Quote2
Sentry/The Void Vol 1 1
Quote1 Doom is, simply put, the most dangerous man alive! To underestimate him -- it could be fatal! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 8
Quote1 Should Abraxas reach the Nullifier before we do -- -- he can obliterate all the combined realities of the Multiverse -- and there will be nothing we can do to stop him! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 46
Quote1 You have severely underestimated us, Annihilus! Our mortal bodies may seem frail and weak compared to yours-- --but the human spirit can never truly be conquered! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 9
Quote1 Well, Victor...I've been thinking. Quote2
Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4 Vol 1 3
Quote1 Now Doom has it all! Now Doom can strike as never before! Now Doom's unspeakable ambitions can be fulfilled! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 11
Quote1 And let everyone sleep -- save Galactus and the Watcher. Let Doom be back in Latveria. And when the world awakes, let there be no memory of the horror that has ensued. That's all. There's nothing more -- I can do. Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 12
Quote1 You saved the lives of the two most important women in the world to me. Don't forget that -- I never will. And that's why Sue and I want you to be Valeria's godfather. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 54
Quote1 They're not just mere distorted replications of your physical structure......they're manifesting garbled caricatures of your personality...! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 57
Quote1 Listen... you can't change back to your original, flesh-and-blood body anymore, Ben. That power is gone, now. I'm sorry... Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 59
Quote1 Because maybe by turning his friends into celebrities... ...he could be forgiven for taking their normal lives away. Someday. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 60
Quote1 Thought of a couple more tests. All's well. Congratulations on your perfectly normal daughter... Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 62
Quote1 I understand your longing, Modulus... but you will never know the love I have for my family. For my son. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 64
Quote1 He knows. That's why he put me in here. He knows. He knows that I can't understand any of this! Franklin... all of you... I'm sorry. I can't save you. I'm not smart enough. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 70
Quote1 You'll never rise above mediocrity. Never. Not until you admit that you answer to resources greater than yourself. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 500
Quote1 We're in charge because we're responsible. We have to undo Victor's damage. And I say that when he does rise again, he finds we've left him with nothing. Nothing. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 504
Quote1 ...even though when it came to protecting our children from Victor, you were utterly useless. No... less than useless. Oh, well. At least they have a father they can count on. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 506
Quote1 We're being evicted, baby. Quote2
4 Vol 1 1
Quote1 We traveled to the stars and flew through a storm of cosmic energy...we became something more than human, but we were still the same people. We still are. Quote2
4 Vol 1 3
Quote1 And one of last things he said to me: "If you ever find yourself falling, Reed--and you will, life's one big free-fall--believe that somewhere, somehow......there will be someone there to catch you. Quote2
4 Vol 1 4
Quote1 Susan's not helpless, Ben. If need be, she can take care of herself and the boys. Quote2
4 Vol 1 6
Quote1 After all, the Wizard already visited us's only right we return the favor. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 515
Quote1 I could count on you to protect yourself and the boys. To rescue me and others...I just...I knew. Quote2
4 Vol 1 7
Quote1 As I was saying: the last thing we need to do is-- --open the skylight. Quote2
Venom Vol 1 17
Quote1 I've come to learn that, like any energy, the cosmic radiation inside us can't be created or destroyed. It can, however, be... reassigned. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 519
Quote1 We have to get to Johnny (A) before Galactus forces him into finding and condemning an inhabited world, or worse, (B)......before Johnny exhausts Galactus's patience. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 520
Quote1 Good thing I saved some unstable molecules for the towels. Quote2
Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 3
Quote1 In less than two years......we'll all be dead. Quote2
Fantastic Four: Foes Vol 1 1
Quote1 Where--and when--are we? Quote2
4 Vol 1 15
Quote1 All four of us...! Our powers... They're gone... But......but gone where? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 523
Quote1 As long as you're with friends......there's no limit to the adventure out there. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 524
Quote1 Without our own dreams, we can't sleep properly. As the condition worsens, we'll become more irritable and less able to think clearly. It'll only be a matter of time before someone gets hurt, or hurts others--seriously, if not fatally. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 525
Quote1 It's nothing to do with destinies or desires, nothing supernatural about it. It's a random factor that no one could have anticipated... because it is almost beyond belief. The question now becomes... what do I do about it? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 528
Quote1 Peter, Ethan Edwards is a skrull. His father created the Super-Skrull......and his son is here to conquer the world! Quote2
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Vol 1 16
Quote1 Amazing...he must have used the cosmic rays as a carrier signal to teleport in... which requires a level of intelligence many orders of magnitude beyond our own-- Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 530
Quote1 Are you saying that we... you, and I... that our desire to understand... was the spark that lit the fire of creation? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 531
Quote1 What does Impossible Man know best? What is he most comfortable with? Quote2
4 Vol 1 23
Quote1 Some things, it seems, are too big for the human mind to retain for very long. But I remember the moments. I remember the important things. And that's all that matters. The moments. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 532
Quote1 I've always worked hard to ensure that Ben would want for nothing. The different now is that he is controlling the purse strings. Quote2
Thing Vol 2 1
Quote1 A setup. Oh, God, we----we have been played. Quote2
4 Vol 1 26
Quote1 My God! Monster Island isn't a volcano... It's a syringe! Quote2
FF/IM: Big in Japan Vol 1 4
Quote1 Time and time again, your anger and power have threatened the entire planet. So when we learned that Fury sent you into space, we had to seize the opportunity. I have always thought of us as friends, Bruce, so I am truly, genuinely sorry. But for your sake and ours, we're sending you away. It's the only way we can be sure. Quote2
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 92
Quote1 Absolutely, general. We've all realized this is much bigger than any one of us. Nothing is more important. We've put our personal lives on hold. Happily, I might add. Quote2
Fantastic Four: First Family Vol 1 3
Quote1 Odd. I'm not sure if it's organic, doesn't appear to be entirely synthetic either. Fascinating. Quote2
Ms. Marvel Vol 2 3
Quote1 Take away the law, and what are we? Savages, up to our necks in blood. The law is the law, Peter. I support it because I honestly believe we have to support it, no matter what. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 540
Quote1 Lack of understanding leads to fear. That fear is already there, festering. Without the law, what comes next is too horrible to -- the law is absolutely necessary. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 542
Quote1 Each one of us will have a gem. And never ever shall we use them. You will hide them from everything and everyone. We will be their protectors. None of us will know where the others have hidden them. It is the only way to keep them safe. Quote2
New Avengers: Illuminati Vol 2 2
Quote1 Let's go wage war in the Fifteenth Century. At least we know we'll have them outgunned. Quote2
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 39
Quote1 You always said you wanted to be left alone. May you finally find peace. Quote2
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 104
Quote1 Simply put, Plan Vol 1 101 is "Fix everything." End hunger, poverty, disease and war. Increase freedom. Maximum potential, both individually and collectively. Create opportunities to challenge and enrich the human spirit. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 551
Quote1 I just want to know the truth. Idea Vol 1 101, my plan. Does it really hurt humanity? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 552
Quote1 We're thirteen years in the past, honey. In fact, if you look outside that window you'll see us just about to bump into one another. Can you see yourself over there with the green umbrella? ...And here's me smoking that ridiculous pipe. A ringside view of the first time we laid eyes on one another as adults. I love you, Susan. More than anything in the world. Happy Anniversary, darling. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 557
Quote1 This man is innocent of your crimes. If you know anything about me, you know my answer. There's always another way. And we're going to teach you. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 568
Quote1 This was the world that I had created. I know what I have to do to fix make things right. There's no problem that can't be solved. Quote2
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Vol 1 5
Quote1 What is the true cost of a man's mistakes? What is the purpose of my life? How can I save my world in these dark times? And the one that changed everything: Who else seeks the answers to these same questions? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 570
Quote1 I've weighed all the options and I think that I can do the most good with the council. So if you'll have me, I'd like to join... I believe I belong here. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 571
Quote1 Still... a man-made city raised from deep within the earth, run by super-genius devolved monsters... You don't see that every day. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 575
Quote1 It's simple, Johnny. You ask yourself a question... What is it you stand for? When you can answer that, then you'll know. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 578
Quote1 We'll say farewell under the eye of the sun, where he will now rest for all eternity. Some souls burn brighter than others. Sometimes with the power of a million exploding suns. But in the end, the sun sets for us all. It always sets for each and every one of us. But the sun always rises. And every time it does, Sentry... I will always think of you. Quote2
Sentry: Fallen Sun Vol 1 1
Quote1 So we'll begin here... with you and me. With a new focus for your ongoing and never-ending education. Our curriculum wil start at survival and end at the edge of an eternal tommorrow. The rules are simple... I teach one class, and it's pass or fail. Welcome to the Future Foundation... Together, there is nothing we can't do. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 579
Quote1 You have cancer, Mr. Sykes. In your pancreas, lungs,'s spreading too rapidly for treatment. I believe you had it prior to the accident, but the poisons you has mutated. It's's like nothing I've seen. ... Hard to be sure [you have] one month [left]...maybe two. Quote2
Heroic Age: One Month to Live Vol 1 1
Quote1 I've encountered the most amazing things in many a universe. Wonders that people could never imagine in their wildest dreams. But for someone like you to love me never fails to astound me, Susan. Quote2
Fantastic Four in ¡Ataque del M.O.D.O.K.! Vol 1 1
Quote1 We took the Infinity Gems out of circulation. ... For safekeeping. Because every time someone tried to put them together -- to create the Infinity Gauntlet -- Earth, our existence, held on by a thread. We simply took that option off the table. Quote2
Avengers Vol 4 8
Quote1 Daken was right. He does have impeccable timing. But what did he really want? Quote2
Daken: Dark Wolverine Vol 1 4
Quote1 But they are also not me. They do not have families or friends. They only have each other and their cause. They push worlds around and rebuild suns... This is much, much worse than any of you could have ever imagined. Quote2
FF Vol 1 4
Quote1 But if we're only gone a few minutes-- Then we will ensure the Earth has a Four to stand for it. A minute, a second, a lifetime-- we do not leave the Earth unprotected. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 4 1
Quote1 Everything dies. You, me. Everyone on this planet. Our sun. Our galaxy. And, eventually, the universe itself. This is simply how things are. It's inevitable. And I accept it. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 1
Quote1 You might have a few billion years on me and mine, sure... But I'm Reed Richards. Nobody's smarter than me. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 4 7
Quote1 I'm a scientist, son; there's no such thing as weird. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 4 10
Quote1 Don't make me use my dad voice. It's been a long day. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 4 12
Quote1 They exist to build hope so we can build the unthinkable. Quote2
Infinity Vol 1 6
Quote1 My dearest Valeria... today, I am filled with regrets, but I've so very little time for them. Almost none at all. I see many potential outcomes for the near future-- some optimistic, others less so... and it would pain me greatly if by some unfortunate series of events I was robbed not just of you, but of the privilege of continuing your education. Ad as I cannot control the former, this is a record of the latter-- all that I know. It is my hope that you will use my experiences--these lessons--to ease the transition into what you will one day become. It is my every expectation that you will be something much more than I was. Always endeavor to be your very best. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 39
Quote1 The thing about endgames is this... it's really two strategies in one. First you show them what they guessed might have been coming. And then... you show them what they didn't. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 28
Quote1 Over the past months we have all paid. But while you were playing hero, we were playing God. Our costs were much, much higher. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 29
Quote1 You want to be called the Quiet Man? Fine. But I have a name too... I'm Mister Fantastic. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 643
Quote1 The problem with your plan, Quiet Man... You put our downfall togather like a scientist: Not with a plan but as a formula. Maybe because of what you lack mentally-- And by that I mean you're crazy-- But you didn't think to account for our personalities. The inner strength that my family has, that I've seen grow with us through the years. You forgot to include that in your calculus. If we're down, we rise. If we fail, we try again. If we lose the battle, we win the war. And that is what makes us... the Fantastic Four! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 645
Quote1 You spend your entire life looking for that one perfect someone, and when you find her, you think you'll never love anything more... Then you have children, and realize what a fool you were to believe that. And now, I have lost everything. We have all lost everything. My entire life I believed in better days. I believed in tomorrow. I hid that belief in my heart--A stronghold against a world that devours hope. But now the walls have fallen. I have been overrun. And I hope... I believe... In nothing. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 1
Quote1 I learned that the difference between living and dying is managing fear. Not being afraid so afraid of losing the things you love that you hold them too tight. I used to believe in universal contraction. Entropy and the end of all things. Well, I changed my mind. I'm letting go. Because now I believe in expansion. I believe we endure. Don't you see? Everything lives. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 9
Quote1 Ben, if it's just you and Johnny left, I have a favor to ask you... explore. Don't stop. You may not think you need it, but you do. And Johnny certainly does. The Multiverse is grand and the four of us only scratched the surface. Quote2
Marvel 2-In-One Vol 1 1
Quote1 I believe you, Victor. As long as I'm alive, you'll come after me. Quote2
Marvel 2-In-One Annual Vol 1 1
Quote1 The FF aren't a building, Johnny. Or matching outfits. Or even a team. We're a family. And that will never change. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 4
Quote1 Victor, you lured Galactus here! You've endangered Victorious! Latveria! The entire Earth! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 7
Quote1 We're trailblazers. This whole family. Now get out there and blaze that trail. Quote2
Fearless Vol 1 1
Quote1 Well, I suppose for you then, the question is... is your faith in the interpreted word of God? Or is it in what God has taught you? The moral center he's given you? Quote2
Daredevil Vol 6 9
Quote1 Be on your guard, all of you. I don't need to tell you how dangerous this place is. Quote2
Fantastic Four: Negative Zone Vol 1 1
Quote1 This man amplified that fateful cosmic storm... he weaponized it -- and attacked our ship! He created the Fantastic Four! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 17
Quote1 The FF! The Unparalleled! The Monster Mob! We must all work as one! There's no time to argue! Follow my lead! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 18
Quote1 Because of you, I have failed them -- everyone I love and care about. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 19
Quote1 The Kree/Skrull War is over. One side must have finally prevailed, or... No... They couldn't possibly be at peace, could they? Quote2
Empyre: Fantastic Four Vol 1 0
Quote1 And, Valeria, there's something you should know. Logan and Spider-Man were summoned to complete the roster. No one else came because no one else was needed. The program recognized that two members of the FF were already on duty. Your adventure isn't over. That was round one, and all that mattters is that you get back up and try again. You're my son. My daughter. I have complete faith that you'll do your best, make me proud... and be nothing short of Fantastic! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 22
Quote1 I'm sorry, Ben...But there's a reason for that. He physically can't produce teardrops. As long he stays a Human Torch...Johnny Storm doesn't get to cry. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 36
Quote1 Yet whenever I find myself lost in despair... I think of Sue. Who inspires bravery in everyone she meets. She's the strongest person I know... the most fearless. To the public, her contributions are often overlooked... but to those who know and love her... Sue is the most powerful of us all. Because she's always pushed the boundaries of what is possible... precisely because she doesn't know the meaning of defeat. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 47
Quote1 These may be the only Doombots Victor's ever built... that have killing us as their secondary directive. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 7 2
Quote1 Magic. I have a real problem with magic. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 7 5
Quote1 So, as I was saying, Jamie...every family gets into their own messy situations. How about we have a proper get together where neither of us have to worry about hosting? Quote2
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 95
Quote1 I often try to reason it out--why my kind seem to evade death, even after the fact. It feels sometimes like it's almost proof of a higher power, or someone who needs us to live to stop what's coming. To fight the good fight. I think... if ever there was a candidate to come back and fight the good fight... it's Matt Murdock. Quote2
Daredevil Vol 7 14
Quote1 Ironic. In exchange for giving her a human life, Death promised to tell us how our world would end. How it would happen in our lifetimes. Now that he's returned... I wonder if Thanos might play an instrumental role in our impending annihilation. Quote2
Thanos Vol 4 4
Quote1 Yes, we have artificial sunlight, obviously, but that's only a cure for vampirism in the sense that a gun is the cure for cancer. I believe we can save the newly infected, help them recover. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 7 21
Quote1 I learned that the difference between living and dying is managing fear. Not being so afraid of losing the things you love that you hold them too tight. I used to believe in universal contraction. Entropy and the end of all things. Well, I changed my mind. I'm letting go. Because now I believe in expansion. I believe we endure. Don't you see? Everything lives. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616)
Quote1 The FF aren't a building, Johnny. Or matching outfits. Or even a team. We're a family. And that will never change. Quote2
Fantastic Four (Earth-616)
Quote1 My father told me. He used to work here for a while with Howard Stark. Some secret-society, clandestine job with the unseen architechs of history. Quote2
Immortal City
Quote1 This was a place of freedom. Of adventure and expression and ideas. What it's become... Quote2
Under York
Quote1 A single glimpse of this advanced technology -- combined with the seemingly infinite amount of it -- leaves no doubt of where we are, Superman. This is Galactus's ship! Quote2
Worldship (Taa II)
Quote1 Order. Chaos. Eternity. Infinity. The In-Betweener. They're abstractions. Concepts manifesting themselves as entities. Quote2
Abstract Entities
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 don't understand... This...this...means...everything dies. Quote2
Thor Vol 6 19 Asrar Variant Textless
Quote1 You first.[1] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Caretakers (Builders) from Avengers Vol 5 7 001
Quote1 Unforeseen complications, Builders...this world resists. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 They all resist.[2] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Captain America Vol 6 2 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 Understand, people, this is real, it's headed our way, and it's scary enough to make space empires scramble. Ex Nihilo. These people--your Builders--created you and your sister, Abyss. What chance would we have if they make it to Earth? Quote2
Ex Nihilo (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 1 001
Ex Nihilo
Quote1 Captain, the measuring of probabilities is-- Quote2
Abyss (Ex Nihilo) (Earth-616) from Avengers NOW! Vol 1 1 001
Quote1 The answer is none. If that fleet reaches this system, the next step in human evolution is extinction.[2] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Empyre Vol 1 3 Kree Skrull Variant Textless
Quote1 I have received grave news, fellow warlords...the invaders have claimed another world. Two hundred billion souls...gone. Quote2
My'rl (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 18 001
Quote1 And did you summon us here to prattle while Skrull warriors die...or are we going to meet them in battle? Quote2
Empyre Vol 1 3 Kree Skrull Variant Textless
Quote1 You think I run from glory, My'rl? If there was glory to be had, I would surely beat you there. No, you are here because...there is going to be a gathering. A war council on Nomad. Word has spread of this invading fleet. I wish for us to go in the hopes we can...prevent what looks inevitable.[3] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 NO!! Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Probablility of survival approaching zero if we do not withdraw from this theater. We've lost a third of the fleet in under a minute. Quote2
Annihilation Ronan Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 We have to retreat. Now! Run! RUN! RUN![3] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Jerran Ko (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 2 003
Jerran Ko
Quote1 Well, when I die, I will be gone forever. And it seems in death, our masters see fit to make a mockery of all that I have done and all I am. Quote2
Aleph (Garden) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 3 001
Quote1 Declarative: Triumph before all, Jerran Ko. Declarative: Complete your maker's defeat, at the very least, we wound. Quote2
Jerran Ko (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 2 003
Jerran Ko
Quote1 I remember a time when this symbol on my chest meant life. Record my words for the code, Aleph...tell everyone that Jerran Ko said those were better days...and that they are now long gone.[4] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 What we want is the preservation of our universe. What we to destroy a world. Earth. Quote2
J'son (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 1 001
Quote1 What? I knew it! All of this...over a useless, backwater...I...I could give you Earth. I believe I could do that if it means you would leave my empire alone. I would do that if it would stop this war now. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Oh, you insignificant creature...this is not a war, it is a cleansing...[5] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Ex Nihila (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 19 001
Ex Nihila
Quote1 You must leave as well, Creator...this ship will not last long against the great weapons. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 We have been stung here is an insult I will not forget. Scuttle the ship. Then join the third wing in the battle. Make your end mean something, Ex Nihila.[6] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Annihilation Ronan Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 There are hundreds of Council ships in orbit around Hala. Ships that defeated your fleet. Ships contained by great warriors who certainly see the military significance of this empire and are not afraid to act on it. Why do you stay? Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 Because this is my world. Because you bent the knee. And you do not realize your position...Supremor. Tell your Accuser how beaten we Builders are. Tell him what happens next. Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Based on observed behavior...99.7% chance that the scattered Builder fleet reassembles. Reassembly a certainty, there is a 72.5% chance that the Builder fleet continues on along their previously projected path. There is a 27% chance that the Builder fleet returns to deal with the remaining Council armada. Such a conflict would result in Council defeat in 83.2% of simulated battles. Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 Yes. And under all of these scenarios, what is the projected percentage that you Kree remain under Builder control? Quote2
Supreme Intelligence (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 11
Supreme Intelligence
Quote1 Assuming natural attrition of insignificant worlds and prioritizing the significant world groups...70.1%. Quote2
Builders (Race) from Infinity Vol 1 4 001
Quote1 I stay...because this world is mine.[7] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Annihilation - Scourge Alpha Vol 1 1 Lim Variant Textless
Quote1 Hssssssss! Quote2
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 The drones are attacking one another. I can't believe...that was...that was it...our last gambit. Our final effort. All we had left. Mentor, summon my son. Rally all the Super- and Subguardians. Quote2
Mentor (Imperial Guard) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 480 0001
Quote1 Majestor-- Quote2
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard Vol 1 5 Textless
Quote1 No. Not Majestor...I will die as I lived. As Gladiator, praetor of the Imperial Guard. This is the end, my friend...unless saved by some unforeseen miracle, we die...and I would face it head-on.[8] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Avengers Vol 5 6 Textless
Captain Universe
Quote1 Why? When did death become your way, my child...? Even when you stopped worshipping me, you revered life...why this? Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Because the universe is dying. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 6 Textless
Captain Universe
Quote1 I know. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 All the universes are dying, and there's only one way to save this one. Destroy the axis point...and perhaps save them all.[8] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 You must know by now that the Earth is the axis point for the death of must know what conclusion must be drawn from this fact. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 4 1 cover
Reed Richards
Quote1 No, that's not true. The cascading effect of other dying universes is increasing. The rate of all things dying. Killing a single Earth is like comparing a pebble to a planet. You're thinking too small. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Oh, I agree. Incrementalism is a waste a time, but ask yourself...what if we killed all the Earths? All of them. We believe that would save everything, and if not save it, then at least prolong it, perserving a more natural end to our existence.[9] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Sybil (Oracle) (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 3 17 001
Quote1 Take a look. Quote2
Captain America Vol 6 2 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 Whose idea was that? Why would-- Quote2
Sybil (Oracle) (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 3 17 001
Quote1 Why? This war was not won by an empire, ours or any other. It was not won by the Council, who broke. No, every time the battle turned, it was you Earthers, you...Avengers...that won the day. You held at the turned the World Killers on their masters over Hala...and then you broke the enemy with a single man and a hammer that was thrown around the sun...we rallied to you, good Captain. We rallied to your standard...Dockrum VII is free again...and it is an Avengers World.[10] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 And just how did you solve this incursion, Reed Richards? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 1 Brooks Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 We didn't have to. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 You're making my point for me. Quote2
X-Force Vol 6 6 Textless
Quote1 Actually, it's interesting...they were a multi-universal, ancient civilization called Builders. Who it seemed-- Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! The Builders, you very ominous. That is indeed some threat. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 6 1 Brooks Variant Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 I don't think you understand what we're talking about. Perhaps you don't know what all we--and our friends--have just been through. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 System-creating, universal migrants. Creators and Engineers...more than capable of destroying worlds. Did you not find it strange that they were limited in how they moved throughout your universe? That a race so advanced was limited to traveling in what was essentially a straight line? It's because their vessels were not built for traveling great distances outside of their Superflow. See...they invested heavily in their conduit, and now without it, they are trapped and unable to elude Rabum Alal--just like you, just like me. Tell me, I sound like I know what I am talking about? [...] Are you aware that these Builders are confined to under five thousand realities? Who worries about a kalbi when facing an idimmu? [... "Who worries about a dog when facing a demon?" ...] Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 4 1 cover
Reed Richards
Quote1 I understand. There are worse things out there. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 4 Roux Variant Textless
Black Swan
Quote1 No, you haven't been listening at all...there are worse things coming. You fret Builders...but what if it had been the Mapmakers? Not just their Sidera Maris...but the masters themselves? What if it had been the Black Priests? And what if it had been the Sinnu Sarrum? The Ivory Kings? What would you have done? All of children...playing. What you just went only had the appearance of finality--it lacked the effect. That ends now.[11] Quote2
Infinity (Event)
Invisible GirlQuote1 You can't blame yourself, darling! Quote2
Mister FantasticQuote1 Of course I can! As the leader of the F.F. I'm responsible for everything! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 41
Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 72 001
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)
Quote1 Truly, there is a spark of divinity in all who live, and think... and strive! Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 72 001
Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Quote1 A spark that will one day ignite... and illuminate the universe! Quote2
Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 71 001
The Thing (Benjamin Grimm)
Quote1 Sheeesh! Billy Graham's got nothin' on you! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 72
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 72 001
Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Quote1 The Silver Surfer reached Galactus in time! Earth is saved! Quote2
Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 71 001
The Thing (Ben Grimm)
Quote1 Sheeesh! We may haveta start collectin' unemployment insurance! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 78
Mister FantasticQuote1 It's hopeless, Johnny! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Human Torch Variant Textless
Human Torch
Quote1 Never thought you'd say that, Reed! Quote2
The ThingQuote1 You know Stretcho, kid... if he can't do somethin', he figgers nobody can! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 83
Mad ThinkerQuote1 TOTAL VICTORY IS MINE! Quote2
Reed RichardsQuote1 NOT QUITE! You made one miscalculation! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 96
Reed RichardsQuote1 Johnny, There's only one thing to do -- ! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Human Torch Variant Textless
Johnny Storm
Quote1 Don't say it! I'm way ahead of you Boss Man! FLAME ON! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 98
Reed RichardsQuote1 Johnny, we can use a smoke screen. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Human Torch Variant Textless
Johnny Storm
Quote1 I dig you, Reed, FLAME ON! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 114
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)Quote1 No Ben! You're no match for him! Quote2
Thing (Ben Grimm)Quote1 SHADDUP! Ya wanna give me a complex? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 121
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 1 3 0001
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 Hurry! No telling how long the X-Men can hold out! Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Yeah! Where's the rest of the alphabet when you need it? Quote2
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 9
Death's Head (Styrakos) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 17 001
Death's Head
Quote1 I remember! Our deal was that you were supposed to send me home. You reneged. Bad business. Should kill you now, yes? Quote2
Reed RichardsQuote1 You admitted as you were leaving you were a killer. Quote2
Death's Head (Styrakos) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 17 001
Death's Head
Quote1 It's all point of view. I prefer title of Freelance Peacekeeping Agent. But let bygones be bygones. You aren't of this time either. Why--? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 338
Invisible WomanQuote1 Right now, I could cheerfully wring that girl's neck! Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 I don't know. Her fearlessness reminds me of you. Quote2
Invisible WomanQuote1 Keep this up, I'll wring yours, too. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 23
Mr. FantasticQuote1 I don't understand. What am I choosing? Quote2
Doctor StrangeQuote1 How our universe will end. Quote2
Sentry Vol 1 3
Robert Reynolds (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 You betrayed me, Reed. You helped me design the Watchtower -- only you would've had the technical know-how to bypass Cloc and give him an order he thought was coming from me. Why did you do it - wasn't it enough to kill me? Did you have to destroy everything I was in the process? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 No! I... I don't remember -- Robert, you were my best friend. I would never knowingly have hurt you... you have to believe me -- Quote2
Robert Reynolds (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 No, I don't. You once told me you'd trust me with your life. You said I could expect the same from you. Always. How easily we forget, huh, Reed? Quote2
Sentry Vol 1 5
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Human Torch Variant Textless
Johnny Storm
Quote1 Ready to go home? Quote2
Reed RichardsQuote1 We're not going home. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 503
ReedQuote1 We're gonna be fine, Sue. Quote2
SueQuote1 We're losing our home, Reed. Quote2
4 Vol 1 2
Mister FantasticQuote1 Brock is in a holding cell on level six...I've been monitoring his condition and I've noticed that there is a small aberrant growth on his frontal lobe-- Quote2
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 He's got cancer? Good. Quote2
Venom Vol 1 12
Mister FantasticQuote1 You've done a remarkable job keeping me out of the loop on this situation, you happen to have a plan? Quote2
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 Yep. Quote2
Mister FantasticQuote1 I see...well, you have my number. Quote2
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 $#@* you, Reed. Quote2
Venom Vol 1 13
NamorQuote1 This diorama cost my foundation nearly ten thousand dollars, Richards. Quote2
ReedQuote1 Consider it the start of my tab, Namor. Quote2
4 Vol 1 8
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Human Torch Variant Textless
Quote1 Namor's not such a bad guy. Quote2
ReedQuote1 You're not such a bad guy. Quote2
4 Vol 1 9
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 Real simple, Reed. See, now that we've all kissed and made up, the government is your friend again. Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 You could not have picked a worse time to have this conversation. Quote2
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 The audit. I know. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 527
BenQuote1 Save the speech, big shot. We get it. We gotta use this power to help mankind, right...? Quote2
ReedQuote1 That's right, Ben. Quote2
Fantastic Four: First Family Vol 1 2
Invisible GirlQuote1 Ben! This creature could tear down the city! For god's sake, let's not make things worse if we can help it. From now on, we work as a team...! Remember, this is what we're here for......Right, Mr. Fantastic...? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 Don't worry, hon. We'll take care of it. Quote2
Fantastic Four: First Family Vol 1 6
Invisible WomanQuote1 So what's the number? How few people do you need before you can change the world? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 Four. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 553
Fantastic Four True Story Vol 1 4 page 18 Susan Storm (Earth-616)
Quote1 Is that Lindsay Lohan? Quote2
Fantastic Four True Story Vol 1 4 page 18 Reed Richards (Earth-616)
Quote1 Thank goodness she's on our side. Quote2
Fantastic Four: True Story Vol 1 4
Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Secret Invasion Requiem Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 Dr. Richards? Quote2
Reed RichardsQuote1 Hank? Quote2
Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Secret Invasion Requiem Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 It's on, bitch. Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 25
Galactus (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 4 13 0001
Quote1 The fate of your world lies in your survival, and you wish to risk your life and the lives of everyone on earth on a fool's errand? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 I can't watch this and do nothing-- I have to try. Quote2
Galactus (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 4 13 0001
Quote1 Then do what you will I. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 586
Invisible WomanQuote1 What have you been hiding from me? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 Oh, Susan... Quote2
Invisible WomanQuote1 What's happened, Reed? Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 I've done something terrible. Quote2
FF Vol 1 5
James Bradley (Earth-616) from Cable and X-Force Vol 1 1
Dr. Nemesis
Quote1 I've isolated the coordinates for the dimensional gateway. This proved especially tricky as they exist at the crux of a spatial and temporal intersection. You'll let me know if I'm too fast for you. Quote2
FF Vol 1 1 Character Variant Textless
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 I did discover Unstable Molecules. Quote2
James Bradley (Earth-616) from Cable and X-Force Vol 1 1
Dr. Nemesis
Quote1 Yeah. We're very impressed. Quote2
X-Men Vol 3 17
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 658 Textless
Quote1 Where you need to be? Quote2
FF Vol 1 1 Character Variant Textless
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 The door understands your desires. If you want to, it'll take you not just where you think you should be, but to where you need to be. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 658 Textless
Quote1 Can it take you back in time? Quote2
FF Vol 1 1 Character Variant Textless
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 And erase your sins... Stop yourself from making the horrible mistakes we've all made? Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 658 Textless
Quote1 Yes. Quote2
Nathaniel Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 588
Nathaniel Richards
Quote1 Only one way to find out. Quote2
FF Vol 1 9
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Mr. Fantastic Variant Textless
Reed Richards
Quote1 Remember what I told you about the thermonuclear reactor? Quote2
Valeria Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 4 002
Valeria Richards
Quote1 It's not a toy. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 1 Mr. Fantastic Variant Textless
Reed Richards
Quote1 That's right Quote2
X-23 Vol 3 17
Mr. FantasticQuote1 It's the only time he ages. We need to go further. Quote2
Nathaniel Richards (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 63 0001
Nathaniel Richards
Quote1 Are you sure? I don't think you understand what it means to be ageless, son. Quote2
Mr. FantasticQuote1 I'm sure. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 605
FF Vol 1 3 Character Variant Textless
Invisible Woman
Quote1 You have these doubts...Constant and unrelenting. Some large and some so very small. Am I being too strict? Am I too lenient? Do I praise too often or not enough...Being a parent, having's a constant war between uncertainty and hope. So you live in fear...and there are these doubts...I want to know...was I...were we-- Quote2
FF Vol 1 1 Character Variant Textless
Mister Fantastic
Quote1 Did we do a good job, son? Quote2
Franklin Richards (Earth-10774) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 574 001
Franklin Richards
Quote1 A perfect one. I love you guys. Quote2
FF Vol 1 23
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Tell me you possess the ability to destroy your own world? Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 4 1 cover
Reed Richards
Quote1 Yes. Yes we do. Quote2
Builders from Infinity Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Then what are you waiting for? Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 11
Maria HillQuote1 I'd get prepared if I were you. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 5 1 001
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 For what, exactly? Quote2
Maria HillQuote1 Your day in court. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 5 4
NamorQuote1 "It matters." The way you people talk about your lives-- Like they mean something... "It matters." I am the greatest man I know... But compared to this, I'm nothing. Just as you... are nothing. Am I the only man here with the courage of his convictions... Or am I the only one with conviction at all? Quote2
Mister FantasticQuote1 Namor... Don't... It's not worth it. Quote2
NamorQuote1 These lines you won't cross... These things you won't do... They shame you. How dare any of you put yourself--your damned morals--above the lives of every living thing? The truth is, you people aren't worth that... And neither am I. Our lives are a pittance. A petty, small nothing... Quote2
Black PantherQuote1 Namor! NOOOO! Quote2
NamorQuote1 Of course this is worth it. Now watch... As I do what you could not. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 21
Superior Iron Man Vol 1 1 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 I am Icarus. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 43 cover
Mister Fantastic
Quote1 You do know the point of that story is that he flew too close to the sun, right? Quote2
Superior Iron Man Vol 1 1 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Do you know who thinks that way, Reed? People who have never flown. Quote2
Avengers Vol 5 43
Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vol 1 9 Textless
Quote1 You know, I look at your face... which is my face... and I see the age on it. I wonder, how it became so sentimental? So soft. So weak. Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 43 cover
Mr. Fantastic
Quote1 It's easy, Reed. When you learn to care about things other than yourself. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 6
Griever at the End of All Things (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 2 001
The Griever
Quote1 What is this? Deception! Quote2
Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 43 cover
Mister Fantastic
Quote1 No, Griever. This is the Fantastic Four. Meet my family. Or should I say... my extended family. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 2
Joanna Jeffers (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 46 001
Joanna Jeffers
Quote1 So I'm related to a space amazon and a cyborg cowboy? Quote2
Mister FantasticQuote1 Yes, Joanna. This is our half sister Huntara. And our half brother, Arthur, the War Marshal. Quote2
Tara Richards (Earth-6311) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol 1 5 0001
Quote1 Are you certain this woman is a Richards? She seems rather plain. Quote2
Arthur Richards (Earth-6311) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 46 001
War Marshal
Quote1 Must be why pappy never mentioned her. Quote2
Joanna Jeffers (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 6 46 001
Joanna Jeffers
Quote1 I'm sitting right here. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 46

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