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Quotes by Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)

Quote1 You destroyed my family and drove my father insane so... welcome to hell, Jean Grey. Quote2
--Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)
Quote1 ' Quote2
--Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)
Quote1 Give her some flowers from me, yeah? Nothing showy. Poison Ivy should send the right message. Quote2
--Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)
Quote1 The memory of what she has done will destroy her. Quote2
--Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)

X-Men #192

Quote1 So how come I woke up on a slab in Doctor Frankenstein’s lab? And why is my head full of that Southern-fried fool, Guthrie? Quote2
--Lady Mastermind
Quote1 I've been on my feet five minutes and I've already got a hit list. Life is good! Quote2
--Lady Mastermind speaking to Beast

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