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Quotes by Reignfire (Earth-616)

Quote1 Attack! Crush any who would oppose us -- as they would seek to crush you!! And when all is said and done, make sure they know the price to be paid -- for confronting the Mutant Liberation Front!! Quote2
--Reignfire (Earth-616)
Quote1 I am the storm on the horizon. I am the sweltering tempest waiting to erupt. I am Reignfire... Quote2
--Reignfire (Earth-616)
Quote1 Reignfire is and always has been Roberto da Costa. Quote2
--Reignfire (Earth-616)
Quote1 Why should I want to leave... when I am the one who started this blaze? Quote2
--Reignfire (Earth-616)
Quote1 There is no more Bobby. Now and forever there is only Reignfire. Quote2
--Reignfire (Earth-616)

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