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Quotes by Robert Rider (Earth-616)

Quote1 It appears at least one stone remains on Earth. Quote2
--Robert Rider (Earth-616)
Quote1 Rich -- how many lives have you saved since you first got these incredible powers and became Nova? ... How many, Rich? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? Millions? Entire races of beings? Enter planets of races and species? Entire systems filled with planets -- are you getting the point, big brother? I lost a finger, Rich -- for crying out loud -- I lost a stupid, little pinky finger! All it means is that I'll have to learn to work my computer keyboard a little differently, that's all. I'll gladly give a finger for every life you can save. Then we'll work on my toes, then my limbs, finish with some major organs -- Don't you get it -- ? You're more important than I am, Rich -- you matter more than I do! Quote2
--Robert Rider (Earth-616)

Conversations with Robert Rider (Earth-616)

Gloria Rider (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 4 2 001
Gloria Rider
Robbie... what are you still doing out here?
Conversation Tail
Robert Rider (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Infinity Vol 1 1 001
I wanted the power to go back... fix things.
Conversation Tail
Wolverine: Infinity Watch #4

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