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Quotes by Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)

Quote1 The Demon Lord is coming for us. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)
Quote1 She is here. The Darkchild is here. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)
Quote1 Sorry. Thank you. Yes. Pardon? No. Sorry. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)
Quote1 It's becoming, beginning, beckoning. Bubbling up like boiling oil so hot your flesh is gone before you feel the pain. And she won't find it. Because to find something that's need to have invisible eyes. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)
Quote1 Today my name is Destiny. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)
Quote1 Oh, no. You're wrong, Mister Drake. You're as wrong as you can be. It's not nothing. It's everything. Quote2
--Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)

Astonishing X-Men

Quote1 I think you have eaten, good, this is good. Except we'll need, yes, a head count of the students later. Quote2
--(to Beast) Astonishing X-Men #18

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