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Quotes by Samuel Sawyer (Earth-616)

Quote1 At ease Mister! The day General Sam Sawyer needs help is the day you see him pushing up daisies! Quote2
--Samuel Sawyer (Earth-616)
Quote1 You meathead!! Don't you get what I'm tryin' to tell you! My replacement is Captain Flint—the toughest, roughest officer in the whole blamed sector! He lives by the rule book! Quote2
--Samuel Sawyer (Earth-616)
Quote1 And, that bohunk is Nick Fury! He's an ornery, thick-headed, rebellious meathead... but he's also one of the best fighting men in anybody's army! Quote2
--Samuel Sawyer (Earth-616)
Quote1 That's the most ornery bunch'a mule-headed yard-birds I've ever known... but how could we ever win the war without 'em? Quote2
--Samuel Sawyer (Earth-616)

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