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Quotes by Scott Summers (Earth-1610)

Quote1 So much for rescuing the President's daughter buying us brownie points with the human race. Quote2
--Scott Summers (Earth-1610)
Quote1 I'm disbanding the X-Men. Quote2
--Scott Summers (Earth-1610)
Quote1 It's over! It's finally over! Quote2
--Scott Summers (Earth-1610)
Quote1 X-Men... attack! Quote2
--Scott Summers (Earth-1610)

Conversations with Scott Summers (Earth-1610)

Scott Summers (Cyclops)
This makes me sick. The entire country is glued to that show. How can people be amused by unspeakable acts of horror? It's like Roman Gladiators.
Conversation Tail
Katherine Pryde (Earth-1610) from Miles Morales- Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 12 001
Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat)
Or American Idol.
Conversation Tail
Ultimate X-Men #55

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