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Quotes by Shadow King (Earth-92131)

Quote1 Now that I am back from the living death to which your precious professor condemned me, I shall need some assistance rebuilding my empire. I shall need you. Agree to serve as my host body, with all your delicious powers, and I shall free the boy. Quote2
--Shadow King (Earth-92131)
Quote1 You'll thank me later, Ms. Munroe. But calm yourselves. I promised no harm would come to you, and I meant it. Standing against your own kind won you the hearts and minds of every normal citizen of Westchester, and for that, I can't thank you enough. You paves the way for everything I've done here... But I'm afraid the era of the extreme is over. The world that's coming deserves a better class of mutant. One that isn't burdened by all those pouches filled with aggression and inner turmoil. You're wrong, Captain Summers. This isn't a trap. It's therapy. Quote2
--Shadow King (Earth-92131)
Quote1 You don't need to struggle. You don't need to fight anymore. You only need to let me take control. And free you from the heavy burden of all that desire. Quote2
--Shadow King (Earth-92131)
Quote1 I can be anything and anyone, Captain Summers. Any terrible memory, any dream. Quote2
--Shadow King (Earth-92131)

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