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Quotes by Shang-Chi (Earth-13116)

Quote1 Along time ago all the Great Masters went to war. Can you imagine? Masters from every school... the Red Hand, the Panther Clan, the House of the Jade Tiger. Even the poor bastards of the Spider Cult... all of them battling each other. To the death. Until only the Masters from the Ten Rings and the Iron Fist remained. It's always them, isn't it? Those two psychotics nearly murdered each other before they realized what they had done to the kingdom. K'un-Lun on fire and all the schools crumbling... their students dying in the ashes. It was enough to bring them to their sense. For a while, at least. The surviving Masters vowed that their rivalries would never again threaten K'un-Lun. But how to keep peace? Those ancient idiots decided to prevent bloodshed with more bloodshed. K'un-Lun would be ruled by an Emperor selected through combat... in the Thirteen Chambers. The Iron Fist's Great Master won that first tournament and brought order to K'un-Lun. But thirteen years later, he fell in the Thirteen Chambers and another master took his place. Then another, and another... so many that I've forgotten their names... until at last, our benevolent Emperor Zheng Zu, Master of the Ten Rings, won the throne. And so began his one-hundred-year reign of prosperity. Or terror. It all depends on who is telling the story, doesn't it? Now, in just a few days' time, the Thirteen Chambers will open again. Will someone finally defeat Zheng Zu? Take his throne and become the new master of kung fu? Do you think it's gonna be you? No, me neither. So here's to another thirteen years of my beloved father's rule. The Gods help us all. Quote2
--Shang-Chi (Earth-13116)
Quote1 I do know a bit of Kung-Fu! Quote2
--Shang-Chi (Earth-13116)
Quote1 Sloppy. Me, I mean. The rest of you? Slow and sloppy. At least I have an excuse. I'm very, very drunk... You are just unruly... unfocused... uninspired. Quote2
--Shang-Chi (Earth-13116)

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