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This page contains a listing of all known appearances of Shuma-Gorath (Multiverse).
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Chronological Appearances (by Publication)

Although numerous lists can be found online, they are currently all faulty as they include appearances made by Shuma-Gorath in digests like "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" as well as every single mention of his name, however brief. In fact, as of 2011, the character has made actual physical appearances in less than a dozen comics.

  • Marvel Premiere #9 and #10: Shuma-Gorath's first appearance. Previous issues make mentions of him.
  • Strange Tales, Volume 2 #13 and #14: The second battle between Strange and Shuma-Gorath. It is briefly crosses over into Fantastic Four #314 (Not significantly) and has effects on Dr. Strange which carry on into Strange Tales #15.
  • Conan the Barbarian #259 and #260: Shuma-Gorath is briefly resurrected in the Hyborian Age. The character looks significantly different than it normally does. These stories are still considered cannon due to a mention of Shuma-Gorath by the resurrected Kulan Gath in Avengers, Volume 3 #29.
  • Marvel Knights 4 #26 and #27: Defeats the Fantastic Four and is mysteriously defeated by Dr. Strange off panel.
  • Invaders Now #4 and #5

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