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Quotes by Skurge (Earth-616)

Quote1 I am Asgardian, you cretin. What are your parlor tricks against an eternal lifetime amidst divine magics? Quote2
--Skurge (Earth-616)
Quote1 They made a fool of me, Balder. They laughed at me. Everybody laughs at Skurge. Hela, Mordonna, even the Enchantress I love. They all laugh at me. Except you. Balder is too kind to laugh at Skurge. But whenever they laugh, I hurt inside. Maybe I die a little. Now I think I am dead already. And my axe was destroyed with Naglfar. So I will stay behind and the last laugh will be mine. ... I will hold the bridge myself. Quote2
--Skurge (Earth-616)
Quote1 Then that shall be my price. Take Balder and the Warriors Three and any other who will and have that drink in peace. Rejoice in living for it is more wonderful than can be dreamt. And remember Skurge. Quote2
--Skurge (Earth-616)

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