The term Spider-Totem refers to a class of multiversal supernatural entities linked to a mystical force called the Web of Life and Destiny, as well as the individuals - both mortal and divine - who possess arachnid-based powers as a result of a connection to the Web of Life, though the means they acquire their powers can vary drastically. The Great Weaver,[1] the Gatekeeper,[2] the Other,[3] the Bride,[4] and the Scion[4] are examples of multiversal Spider-Totems.

These Great Totems play key roles in maintaining the Web:

  • The Gatekeeper is responsible for controlling mystical forces,[5] and chooses which totemic avatars are worthy of their powers.[2]
  • The Bride's role is in weaving hidden threads, enabling Spider-Totems to arise through chance, magic, curses, or unwanted luck.[6]
Additionally, the Great Totems can select individuals to serve as their avatar, granting them augmented powers.

For instance:

If the blood the Great Totems is spilt on the Web of Life and Destiny, it will sever their connection to it and cause the web to unravel completely, preventing the creation of new Spider-Totems[6] and destabilizing the existence of the Multiverse.[10]
The Spider Society of Earth-616 worships the Spider Totems as gods,[11][12] and Kwaku Anansi, the Great Weaver, and the Gatekeeper have temples located in Ghana and Peru.[13][1] Adriana Soria was able to amplify her own connection to the Web of Life,[14] temporarily hijacking it to attain godlike powers and transform into a spider-like monster.[15] The totems are opposed by various organizations and entities including the Sisterhood of the Wasp,[11] Shathra,[16] and the Inheritors. The Inheritors have enslaved the Master Weaver, using its power to traverse the Multiverse killing those who are connected to the Web of Life and Destiny in order to prevent a prophecy that will result in their downfall.[6]
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