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Conversations with Stephanie Gerard (Earth-616)

Stephanie Gerard
Allow me to explain what you've walked into. There's a sniper team on the roof of this building. Your partner shows his head, it'll burst like a rotten melon. Even in the unlikely event that they miss...the windows to this office are bullet and blast proof, a fifty caliber anti-material round couldn't scratch them. So your backup is useless. And finally, this office is bound in a combustion nullification field. In layman's terms, that means no bullets, no explosives will activate until it's switched off. Needless to say, the guns pointed at you don't require combustion to fire, but rather use gas compressed under high pressure. So what this is, Sergeant Cole, is me talking to a dead woman. You just don't know it, yet.
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Rachel Cole (Earth-616)
Rachel Cole
I've known it for months, Doctor Gerard. You murdered me on my wedding day.
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Punisher Vol 9 #14

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