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Quotes by Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)

Quote1 Avengers Smash! Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Welcome to the big leagues, Falcon. Impossible is what we do. Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 They're setting us up! Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 You are the only person with the willpower to handle them. Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 There's another kind of power. The power to stand up for what's right. To fight for people who can't fight for themselves. Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 It is not a toy. Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)
Quote1 Welcome to the Avengers, Spider-Man. Quote2
--Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)

Conversations with Steven Rogers (Earth-12041)

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